Which Nuts Have The Most Protein ? – The Top 5 Listed

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Protein is a very important part to both a weight loss and muscle gaining diet. So eating nuts can help you achieve this high daily protein intake, but nuts aren’t only high in protein they are nature’s most versatile and nutritionally balanced health food. Many studies have shown that eating nuts will help lower your cholesterol levels, risk of heart disease/stroke and prevent you from overeating.

If you’re a vegetarian or vegan then nuts are only one of your few sources of a complete protein which rivals any meat. Many other vegetarian protein sources are incomplete and require you to eat other plant based proteins to complete it. For example lentils contain a large amount of protein, but that protein does not have the 20 essential amino acids required by your body therefore it isn’t complete. So the only way to make it complete is by eating lentils with beans or white/brown rice.

Whatever you think about nuts they really should be a part of your diet. If you’re still not convinced then here are the top 5 nuts highest in protein, including the health benefits of each one:


When it comes to protein peanuts are at the top of the list, but they aren’t only high in protein they are also high in dietary fibre and antioxidants. It doesn’t stop there though, consuming peanuts will reduce the risk of stroke since it increases your natural production of nitric oxide (dilates your blood vessels).

For the full list of benefits of peanuts: Read This Article


Nutrition Info: 100 grams = 49g Fat  16g Carbs  9g Dietary Fibre  26g Protein / 567 Calories


Compared to the other nuts almonds offer the most fiber, calcium, vitamin E and niacin. It is also high in manganese and combined with the vitamin E it is one of the best foods to protect you against oxidative damage. Furthermore, consuming almonds regularly will lower your risk for developing heart disease and cholesterol.


Nutrition Info: 100 grams = 49g Fat  22g Carbs  12g Dietary Fibre  21g Protein / 576 Calories


The nut with the highest vitamin B6 content is pistachios, but there are two nutrients that are even more unique called lutein and zeaxanthin which reduce the risk of eye disease.


Nutrition Info: 100 grams = 45g Fat  28g Carbs  10g Dietary Fibre  20g Protein / 562 Calories


Cashews provide more zinc, copper, selenium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus and vitamin K than any other nut. It has a very unique and buttery flavour, but it surprisingly has one of the lowest fat contents of all nuts.


Nutrition Info: 100 grams = 44g Fat  30g Carbs  3.3g Dietary Fibre  18g Protein / 553 Calories


Although walnuts contain the least amount of protein and highest amount of fat compared to the other nuts it is the only nut that contains a rich source of melatonin, which helps you get better and deeper sleep. It also contains phytonutrients and antioxidants that help with reducing inflammation levels and warding off type 2 diabetes.


Nutrition Info: 100 grams = 65g Fat  14g Carbs  7g Dietary Fibre  15g Protein / 654 Calories

As you can see eating each of these nuts bring and give you different health benefits, so it would be smart too incorporate all 5 into your diet if possible and not choose based on how much protein it holds. Lastly, if you have anymore questions about any of these 5 nuts then feel free to leave a comment below.

12 thoughts on “Which Nuts Have The Most Protein ? – The Top 5 Listed

  1. I used to eat nut snacks quite often throughout the day to gain that extra protein. However, as I was simultaneously trying to keep my fat intake low, I realized that I had to cut back on the nuts !

    I know that nuts contain “good fat” and that fat is essential for our bodies. How would you recommend going about balancing the fat vs protein dilemma in this case ?

    1. Well eating nuts will always have more fat than protein so it’s impossible to balance lol, but really if you find it hard to hit your protein you can always get some whey protein powder. Here’s a review of the best protein powder money can buy: Click Here For Review

  2. I really enjoy eating nuts, one of my favorite is pistachios and I didn’t know it reduces eye disease it was good to learn about that. I’m glad to have found your article and website. Learning about which nuts had the most protein was very informative. I will be including your recommendation on my next shopping list.

  3. I love peanuts ! I personally eat unsalted peanuts as a snack after a workout most of the time. Not sure if there’s a lot of difference between salted and unsalted ?

    p.s. I had some trouble loading your site. It might just be me, but check it out to be sure :).

  4. I agree 100% that eating nuts are very crucial to a healthy diet. I just recently got back into eating a handful of peanuts for breakfast along with oatmeal. Its crazy how much more energy I have during my hard lifting sessions. My only wish was that peanuts were a little bit less in calories…but hey…cant win them all right ! haha

  5. I heard that eating too many almonds is bad for you, so is there a max amount of almonds that one should be wary of ?

    Are there any other types of nuts that you would recommend ? and is there a nutritional difference between normal and roasted nuts ?

    Thanks for all the information Andrew, I learned a lot about nuts that I did not know before.

    1. Nope you can eat as many almonds as you want, only thing to be wary about is the calories and sure you can eat any other types of nuts that aren’t on this list since they’re all great for your health. As for differences between normal and roasted nuts there isn’t anything significant that you need to worry about.

  6. I simply love nuts, they’re tasty & the fact their nutritional value is very high makes it even better.. but I’ve never thought about the amount of protein each of them might have.

    I know there’s a considerable amount of fat in nuts, a lot of good fats which is the main reason I’ve valued them so much.

    You got me curious..

    Can you say anything good about Brazil nuts as well ?

    I like them all a lot, but these are my favorite ones..

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