What To Do After A Binge – 5 Easy Ways To Bounce Back !

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Binging/overeating is an extremely common occurrence and it might come as a surprise to you, but it actually happens more to people that are in shape than out of shape. Really it happens to the best of us and no matter how health conscious you are sometimes it’s good to just eat whatever you want. The most important thing is not to beat yourself up over it, that feeling of regret or deciding that if you messed up on your diet you might aswell go all out and binge all week.


Now just because you messed up for one day it doesn’t mean that you have to ruin all your progress thus far because as bad as it seems the odds are actually in your favour. The temporary weight gain and bloating from your binge will not become permanent if you get back to your exercise/diet routine, but it may take up to three days for you to feel and look like your old self again depending on how many excess calories you consumed.

So with that in mind and by following these 5 practical tips you will be able to bounce back as fast as possible !

Tip 1: Eliminate Carbs From Your Breakfast

When you binge all the excess carbohydrates you ate will be converted to glycogen and stored in your muscles/liver, then once your muscles and liver are filled to the maximum capacity the rest of the glycogen will be stored as fat. When you eliminate carbs from your breakfast you allow your body to use the excess carbs from your binge as energy instead of being stored as fat, this will prevent anymore damage from being done. You can eat food the next morning, but just something light and high in fibre (like a salad) with a small amount of lean protein.

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Tip 2: Exercise In The Morning

If possible try to exercise in the morning before you eat anything so that you burn off more excess glycogen from the binge. Although, if you’re pressed for time just make sure you move more. For example if you drive then try and park 15-20 minutes further away from your destination so that you can power walk or jog the rest of the way.

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Tip 3: Drink A Lot Of Water

Even if you’re super bloated drinking more water may seem like a bad idea, but staying hydrated aids digestion, keeps your metabolism in check and gets rid of bloating. So try and drink at least 2 litres of water for up to 3 days after your binge to make sure any excess sodium is flushed out.


Tip 4: Don’t Starve Yourself

It can be tempting to deprive yourself of food the next day just because you overdid it yesterday, but skipping meals or snacks the day after a binge will only increase your desire to overeat again. So for lunch/dinner eat clean wholefoods rich in both protein and fibre to promote satiety.

Tip 5: Forgive Yourself

Leaving the most important tip to last, after a binge you probably feel disappointed and mad at yourself. One thing you should know right now before doing anything is that you must stop dwelling on your binge and forgive yourself because you’re only human after all. Remember one binge day only sets you back a day or two so just make sure that this isn’t a daily occurrence or else you won’t be able to bounce back.

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To conclude binge eating is a problem that affects everyone no matter their level of fitness and commitment, we all have our bad moments. As long as you learn to forgive yourself and follow these 5 tips closely then getting back on top of your nutrition will be as easy as ever before.

If you have anymore questions about binge eating then please leave a comment down below.

8 thoughts on “What To Do After A Binge – 5 Easy Ways To Bounce Back !

  1. This was a really useful post, especially as I sometimes overdo it on the weekends and undo all my hard work during the week.

    Can you recommend any supplements or drinks to help you feel in better shape the day after a binge ?

    I will try these tips the next time I mess up on my diet.


    1. Apart from taking the normal daily supplements like fish oils/creatine not many supplements will help and like mentioned in the post just drink a lot of water after a binge. 

  2. Though I’ve been into fitness recently… binge eating is an awful habit of mine and I always let it get the better of me, for example if it’s Wednesday and I binged I think I might as well finish the week eating poorly. It’s an awful mindset and I need to change it.

    I do drink a lot of water and exercise in the morning … which I think helps a lot, but I do intermittent fast as well, so I never eat breakfast. What are your thoughts on intermittent fasting ? I’ve just been trying it out for a few weeks, but I have mixed feelings if it’s healthy or not.

    Thanks !

  3. The forgive yourself point is definitely important. It’s already happened, there’s no need to worry about it. Just recognize the problem, solve it and move on.

    Mentioning that it’s important to get your diet back on track in full (drink lots of water/don’t starve yourself) is also another great tip. A healthy diet is what allows the body to efficiently/appropriately replace what was taken in during a binge and get rid of what isn’t needed. Not eating means the body is going to make an effort to keep all that stuff in emergency stores as unwanted fat.

    1. Well if you don’t eat the next day after a binge your body won’t actually store it as fat because most of the weight gain is just from water and glycogen. The only reason why you shouldn’t starve yourself is because it’ll make you want to binge again the next day and eating in such a large caloric surplus for even a short period of time will lead to unwanted fat gain. 

  4. It can be so hard to bounce back after a night of binge eating so thank you for the great tips to get back on track asap. I like your tip on eating a high fiber breakfast instead of carbs. When would you suggest adding carbs back into your diet ? Would you wait out the day or introduce them in the afternoon ?

    1. Depending on how bad you cheated and how much weight you gained it would be best for you to go low carb for the next 2 days after a binge.

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