What Is The Paleo Diet About ? – Find Out Now !

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For those of you guys that would like to try out a Paleo diet here is a quick summary of what you should and shouldn’t do in the diet. So the Paleo diet should be high in fat, moderate in animal protein and low in carbohydrates. Furthermore, tracking how much you eat, counting calories or using portion control is not encouraged in this diet because once you remove a few types of foods from your current diet you can eat as much Paleo friendly foods as you want until you’re no longer hungry.

Foods To Avoid Completely

Dairy – Optional (Only If You’re Lactose Intolerant)

Most Paleo enthusiasts suggest that you should stay away from any type of dairy products and yes that means no white or milk chocolate ever again. The reason for this is because no animal drinks milk beyond infancy, only as a baby and that’s it. So our bodies apparently weren’t designed for massive dairy consumption, although this article suggests otherwise: Is Dairy Bad For You ? – The Truth


Here we go again with grains… the problem with grains is that the carbs in them are turned into glucose and your system uses that glucose (a sugar/energy source) to help your body function, but any glucose that isn’t used will be stored as fat. Furthermore, most grains/legumes contain gluten and lectins. The problem with this is that a large portion of the population is gluten-intolerant so if you are one of those people then you may start to develop a wide range of medical conditions such as joint pain, acid reflux and much more. Lectins on the other hand is a natural toxin within the grain that stops it from being consumed and this can cause a lot of damage within your digestive system.

Processed Foods & Sugars

If it’s in a box don’t eat it, really is as simple as that. Sugar causes an energy spike in your system, but then after a short while you come crashing down. Additionally, if that energy from sugar isn’t used right away then it will turn straight into fat.

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What Are You Allowed To Eat On This Diet Then ?

After you cut out all the foods listed above you will be left with only foods that occur naturally:

Animal Protein – this includes grass fed and pasture raised meat, wild fish, seafood and eggs. Don’t be afraid of eating high fat meats because if you buy free range meat it is far healthier than conventional meat, it also contains low amounts of saturated fat and supplies a significant amount of omega 3s.

Protein powders are also a great source of protein, but only plant based protein powders are allowed on the Paleo diet. For Some High Quality Plant Protein Powder: Click Here

Fruits/Vegetables – eat as much fresh or frozen vegetables as you want, even starchy vegetables such as white and sweet potatoes as they are a great source of non-toxic carbs. Fruits contain a lot of sugar so if you’re trying to lose weight stick to berries, but if not then try to have a moderate amount of fruits in the diet.

Healthy Fats – natural oils such as olive oil, coconut oil or avocado oil are all great, butter can also be used because although it is dairy product it contains low levels of protein/carbs that make other dairy foods problematic. Of course fat from animals are great aswell, but only if they are grass fed or pasture raised.

Nuts/Seeds – these are great as snacks as they contain large amounts of omega 3, but since they’re very high in calories try not to eat too many bags of them.

To get the same amount of omega 3s without the all the calories you can take this 100% natural supplement: Click Here For The Review

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To sum up the Paleo diet could work well for you, but as with any diet you try it must be sustainable to your lifestyle. So try it out for 2 weeks and in that time see how your body feels/reacts to this new diet and how it fits in with your lifestyle, if your body reacts positively and if it’s sustainable then stick with it. If not there are always many other diets that you can try so no matter what your fitness goal is, whether it be weight loss, to gain more muscle or simply to live a healthier lifestyle it is always good to experiment with different diets so that you know what goes well with your body and what doesn’t.

10 thoughts on “What Is The Paleo Diet About ? – Find Out Now !

  1. This sounds similar to the Atkins diet. Can you tell me what the main difference is ? I like this diet, but of course it goes against everything I have been taught, which is to stay away from fat. Although I could do this diet very easily. Have you done this diet yourself ? Do you promote it when you are working with people who want to lose weight ?

    1. I have tried the paleo diet before, but it just doesn’t suit well with my lifestyle and I’m not willing to make the sacrifices needed as I can lose weight and build muscle with other less restricting diets. When I’m working with people who want to lose weight some tend to lose weight faster on low carbs high fat and others high carb low fat. It really depends on the person’s genetics, but I do try to stay away from cutting out whole food groups.

  2. I have tried the paleo diet for a short time. This post is informative on what you can and can’t have. I would love to see some more science on why the paleo diet has worked for so many people. It seems everybody knows the general aspect of the diet, but not why it works. Thank you for clearing up what we can and cannot eat though !

    1. No problem Kenton, more will be written about the science behind the paleo diet soon. If you can’t wait though you can checks this book out: The Paleo Primer, it goes throw everything you need to know about the paleo diet and even contains many recipes.

  3. Good stuff man ! I’ve been doing some research/experimenting with this diet lately, and I really wasn’t too happy with the results. About the only thing I liked was not feeling bloated like I do sometimes after eating different types of heavier carb sources, but unfortunately for me my body just couldn’t keep up with the diet. I’m naturally a hard gainer and I lost a toooon of weight and strength on this diet, so I had to go back to adding some carbs and grains into my diet. It definitely has some good things though to take from.

    1. Definitely Charlie there are positive and negatives to any diet, but at least now that you tried the Paleo diet you will know low carb diets just don’t work for you.

  4. Hi Andrew,

    Well, I just learned something new today. And if you think about it, it makes so much sense.

    The part where you mention that no animal drinks milk after infancy. Yet, we have been brain washed all of these years to think that milk is good for us.

    I did a bit of digging and found an article where they did an experiment on chimps. Where the one chimp had dairy in its diet and the other no dairy.

    The dairy chimp was unhealthy and lethargic compared to the chimp which had no dairy. Interesting…

  5. I was looking for a great article that could explain to me what the Paleo diet really is and I’m glad I found you site.

    It gives a great overview of things to eat and not which is a good reference if I start this diet. Right now I’m not on a diet, but I could definitely eat less processed food and sugar.


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