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What Is The Mind Muscle Connection ? – The Full Breakdown

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Believe it or not the mind to muscle connection is actually real and in this article we will fully breakdown what the mind to muscle connection is and give you 4 tips to help improve your own mind to muscle connection so that you can make some serious gains !

What Is The Mind To Muscle Connection ?

When you train and lift weights do you ever feel like you’re just going through the motions ? Maybe your mind starts to wander off to different thoughts like your work or what you’re going to eat later, all while your performing the reps of an exercise. This happens to everyone especially after a long and stressful days work where you’re not motivated to train.

See if you’re not getting the results you want, one of the biggest reason’s why is because your not fully focused on your training and when your not fully focused on your training it makes it impossible for you to feel any sort of mind to muscle connection. Anyone can move a weight from point A to point B, but not everyone can engage the targeted muscle and feel it contract throughout it’s entire ROM (range of motion). This is the mind to muscle connection and it will help create tension in the muscle you’re training which is essential for growth. The more you can improve on this communication the more muscle fibres you will recruit when you perform a lift which results in a better contraction and a better workout leading to more muscle gains !

mind to muscle connection

The mind to muscle connection is a skill that can be improved and developed over time, so here are 4 tips to help you start learning and developing how to properly communicate with your target muscles because every repetition that you don’t feel is a repetition wasted.

1. Slow Down Your Reps

By slowing down your reps you will place the muscle under more tension and really feel it at work, especially on the eccentric (lowering phase).  It also helps if you pause for a second at the point of max contraction.

the pump

2. Touch The Muscle You’re Trying To Target

Obviously if you workout by yourself you won’t be able to do this for certain movements like the bench press, but with one handed/legged exercises you can touch the muscle your trying to target with your other hand. Furthermore, if you have a workout partner get them to touch the muscle your trying to target because by doing this you instantly know where to feel the contraction.

3. Practice The Exercise First Without Any Weight

By practicing the exercise first without any weight (not even the bar) you will be able to feel the exercise working more efficiently from stretch to contraction. If done correctly you should already have a nice pump going before using any actual weights.

squat warmup

4. Perfect Your Form

If you’re not performing the exercises with good form then it’s time to lighten the weight and focus on the quality of each repetition. Your muscles only respond to how much force and tension is going through them and not how much weight you are lifting.


Try to implement one or two of these techniques today because once you fully develop your mind to muscle connection it will work wonders for both your muscle growth and physique.

If you have anymore questions about the mind to muscle connection leave a comment below !

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