What Is My Body Fat Percentage ? – Find Out Now Using This Simple Trick

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You might have been losing a lot of fat lately on your diet so you’re now interested in finding out what your body fat percentage is. When losing weight it is not only important to know what your body fat percentage is to see how much progress you’ve made, but to ensure that the weight your losing is actually fat and not muscle. Before you learn this simple trick to quickly calculate your body fat it will help a great deal if you understood what body fat percentage actually is and which percentage bracket is a good amount to be in.

The Full Definition Of Body Fat Percentage

Body fat percentage can have a wide range of meanings because it depends on many things such as your gender and age. For example having a 4-5% body fat can lead to some serious health issues if your just an average human being, but on the other hand having a body fat percentage of anything higher than 25% can also be very unhealthy. Although, the simplest definition of body fat percentage is the amount of fat you hold in your body compared to everything else such as your bones, muscles, organs etc.

Body Fat For Men

If your a male having a body fat percentage of 10-20% is the most optimal for your health no matter your age and if your a bodybuilder looking to get solid six pack abs then having a body fat of 8-11% is still healthy as long as you can sustain it.

body fat percentage men

As you can see from this picture above a body fat of around 2-5% is the lowest possible amount of body fat you will be able to drop to and the only time you will ever need to even consider getting to this kind of level of body fat is if you’re looking to compete in a bodybuilding/physique show. You can try to get below this level of body fat if your willing to risk your organs from failing.

From 6-12% is where most athletes body fat will lie between because it really won’t be too difficult for them to sustain it since they burn so many calories during training (most of them train for at least 6 hours a day), but if your just an average bodybuilder looking to have that athletic physique then maintaining it will be harder since your not burning anywhere near as many calories so you’ll just need to be more cautious of what your eating.

If your body fat is between 13-17% that is where you can just barely see your abs, but you still look fit and healthy. Although your abs are barely visible the upside is that it is much easier to sustain no matter your lifestyle and you won’t need to worry as much when it comes to your diet. Of course you still need to eat most of your calories from healthy whole foods, but a cheat meal here and there won’t really matter.

Anything from 18-25% is acceptable where your just on the verge of being obese, but still healthy enough to where it shouldn’t affect your everyday life. Not really worrying about your diet or maybe your dirty bulking is what causes this and you definitely won’t look great with your shirt off, but sometimes its just good to eat whatever you want.

When your body fat goes between 26-33% your officially obese, anything above that is where you need to take action today for your own health’s sake and lower it by eating correctly/training properly before it’s too late. If not then you will have a much higher chance of getting heart disease, diabetes, stroke etc.

Body Fat For Women

If your a female having a body fat percentage of 19-25% is the most optimal for your health no matter your age and if your a bodybuilder looking to get visible six pack abs then having a body fat of 15-17% is still healthy as long as you can sustain it.

body fat percentage female

The only difference between the male and female body fat percentage is that females require a much higher level of fat for a safe pregnancy. So as a result of this different body fat percentages still have the same health assessment for both genders. One thing to note is that if you drop below 15% body fat your menstruation/fertility may be affected.

10-14% – Physique/Bodybuilding Show Standards

15-20% – Athletic Look

21-25% – Healthy And Fit

26-31% – Acceptable

32-40% – Obese

40%+ – Overweight !! (Fix ASAP)

The Simple Trick To Measure Your Body Fat Percentage

You see the pictures of the male/female body fat percentages ? the easiest method is to just take a look and decide what your body fat is. No equipment needed just an honest evaluation by comparing yourself to the pictures. Of course this won’t be as accurate as using other methods, but this is by far the easiest, least complicated and saves the most time.

If you would like a more accurate measurement of your body fat percentage then you could use the body fat callipers. If your lucky enough you may find one of these callipers at home, but if not then you’ll need to buy one. Once you have the callipers pull the fat away from your muscles and pinch it with the calliper. Take measurements of each place you use the callipers and look at a chart: For An Accurate Chart Click Here

body fat callipers


If you have anymore questions about body fat percentages then leave a comment below and if you would like to know the best ways to lower your body fat percentage then: Read This Article Here

10 thoughts on “What Is My Body Fat Percentage ? – Find Out Now Using This Simple Trick

  1. Hey there Andrew,

    What a great post about body fat percentage and it is shocking that 26% of body fat is considered as officially obese. i think that i am not in the obese category yet, but somehow I am nearly at 26% so hopefully I will lose this fat by reading your other article about how to lose weight. Furthermore I think it is good if women become fatter, but not too fat since that will affect there health. Nice article bro !

    1. You will definitely decrease your body fat if you follow everything in that weight loss article Izzul and women with a bit of fat is definitely much more attractive.

  2. Hi Andrew

    This is interesting, thanks to your simple chart. I am more or less able to assess what my body fat percentage is.

    I also learned, why there are different percentage ranges by reading your explanation.I actually found this read a wake -up call. Not very happy to be where I am and want to have a lower body fat percentage.

    I see you have a ebook on how to loose some weight, I will be checking that out.

    Thanks for this



    1. It’s never too late to improve your body fat percentage Roopesh and the eBook will definitely give you a good idea on how to kick start your fat loss.

  3. I am in love with working out. Although I am currently sitting at around 30% body fat I have worked that down from about 40% so I am proud of that. My husband and I have recently started working out every morning at 5 am. I love your page because it is something that I am not only interested in it is also something that i can relate too. So nice job making it simple and relateable.

    1. Well done Crystal ! losing 10% of your body fat is not something many people can do and if you keep it up you’ll be in the healthy/fit range for sure.

  4. I think the pictures give a great indication of body fat percentages. I myself think I’m at 25% (bordering on the edge of the scale ! I better pull it together). I do have a question though. My younger sister is very slim I would say the 15-17% picture, however she’s quite unhealthy and she doesn’t have much muscle and never exercises. Would the capillers still get a true fat percentage for her ? Even though she’s got barely any muscle ?

    1. Hey Kate,

      The callipers will give an even better and more accurate body fat percentage than by just looking at the pictures. The main reason for this is because the pictures don’t take into account how much muscle mass you have, but when using the callipers no matter how much or little muscle she has the results will be the same.

  5. In the summer I cut down to the 15-17% range and in the winter I’d say I get up to 30% while I’m bulking, but I’m okay with that. I like to not worry about counting macros much in the winter as long as I’m eating a sufficient amount of protein.

    Do you cut in summer and bulk in winter ? Or try to maintain your weight throughout the seasons ?

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