What Are Macros In Food ? – Learn What Macros Are And Make Weight Loss Simple

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Macros in food is short for the word macronutrients and simply put macros are your carbohydrates (to fuel you with energy), proteins (to repair and build muscle) and fats (to keep you satiated). The combination of them make up your total calorie intake and if you find out the right balance of these macros you will not only lose weight faster and more effectively, but you will also keep the weight off.

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The Breakdown Of Macros

  • 1 gram of carbohydrate = 4 calories

High Carb Foods

  • 1 gram of protein = 4 Calories

high protein foods

  • 1 gram of fat = 9 Calories

high fat foods

So now you know how many calories there is in 1 gram of fat, carbohydrate and protein, but how will this help you lose weight ? Well unless you have been tracking macros accurately for at least 3 years you will have to buy yourself a food scale and download an app that allows you to track your macros. The best app to use for this would be MyFitnessPal and it is available on both Android/IOS. Even though most foods have the nutritional information on the packaging it tends to be inaccurate most of the times, so that is why using a food scale will make sure you are accurately tracking what you eat.

The app MyFitnessPal will automatically calculate your macros for you after entering in your height, activity level and weight. Then you can adjust your goals (maintain weight, lose weight or gain weight) accordingly and it will calculate new macros for you, but of course it doesn’t account for your metabolism so the macros it calculates for you won’t be 100% accurate. Which means you’ll need to play around with your macros for a week or two to be sure, for example if your gaining too much weight too fast according to your goals (say your goal is to gain 0.5 kg a week, but you gained 1kg that week) then lower the macros and adjust it accordingly.

To conclude this app is probably gonna be your new best friend for the next 2-3 years if you’re serious about getting the body you desire and if you have anymore questions about macros then leave a comment below.

8 thoughts on “What Are Macros In Food ? – Learn What Macros Are And Make Weight Loss Simple

  1. Thanks very much for the information on macronutrients, but even more importantly for suggesting the app MyFitnessPal. This seems like an excellent recommendation. Anyone who has every tried to lose weight realizes that awareness of exactly what you’re consuming is all-important to success. This sounds like a great tool that can keep you on track!

    1. Yes, the app MyFitnessPal will make your weight loss journey much easier and faster. It is the only app I would recommend for beginners.

  2. MyFitnessPal is awesome. It really has every food in the world in its database. It makes your life so much easier. It really is quite simple. All calories from from protein, carb and fats. Water has 0 calories – Why? No protein. No carbs. No fat.

    1. Yes it does! Water contains no calories because the human body cannot metabolize it further to get energy out of it. We have no mechanism of converting water to energy.

  3. If your goal is to lose weight then it’s very important to understand macro nutrients and their relation to calories. I consider myself moderately conscious about my calorie consumption, but have never really considered getting an app to help me out. I’m going to give it a try and see if it’s for me. There is an app for ANYTHING nowadays. Thanks for the article. Great information.

    1. Yes there really is an app for anything nowadays eh, p.s. you won’t regret giving MyFitnessPal a try it’s amazing.

  4. Haha I have a love/hate relationship with macros, haha well, maybe just the carbs. I always seem to get bloated when eating too many carbs. Even if i workout frequently. The best part about macros though is that they help you stay full and provide for the bodies functional needs. Great read.

    1. Haha same Wil I get bloated too when I eat a lot of carbs and drink water after. Maybe it’s time for me to go on a low carb diet… just kidding XD.

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