The Worst Foods To Eat For Belly Fat – 5 Foods To Stop Eating If You Want Chiseled Abs

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There are many foods that you shouldn’t eat as much when trying to lose weight/fat because they could have a detrimental effect to your progress. Even though fat loss comes down to you being in a caloric deficit no matter what you eat, certain foods are simply not worth incorporating into your diet because they contain too many calories/trans fat, too much sugar and not enough fibre. So if your goal is to get rid of that stubborn fat hanging around your midsection or anywhere else on your body, then stay far, far away from eating these foods too often.


Proclaimed as a health food, granola is often added with high amounts of refined sugar and fats. Even the healthier granolas that claim they contain less fat and sugar still have a unhealthy amount added, although it may give you a burst of energy at first it will all come crashing down 1 hour later. Instead of granola try eating cereals that contain wholegrains without high amounts of added sugar/fats and you’ll be feeling fuller for longer with everlasting energy.



If your in a caloric deficit you should never drink your calories, especially sodas filled with sugar that contain zero nutritional value. Drinking refined sugars will stop your body from using your fat as fuel and the sugar instead, so if your goal is fat loss then for your own sake please stop drinking these empty calories. As a substitute you could drink diet sodas which contains zero calories, but no more than 1 a day. Perhaps studies have shown that diet sodas are just as bad, but if you really like sodas and simply just can’t stop drinking them then it’s better to drink the one that has zero calories/sugar than the one that has.


Full Fat Processed Meats

Having a high protein diet if you want to lose weight is extremely important, but if all your protein is from full fat processed meats then you aren’t doing yourself any favours. Often times processed meats contain as much as double the fat compared to the protein and that racks up the calories. Luckily, if you love eating your sausages and bacon there are many 50-90% less fat options, but the only downside is that it costs more money.

processed meats

Whole-Fat Dairy Foods

Once again full fat dairy foods such as cheese and milk may contain high amounts of protein and calcium, but if you’re trying to lose that belly then the extremely high fat content makes it a big mistake to consume. Instead of getting whole milk and full fat cheese you could get skimmed/almond milk and reduced fat cheese. Another way of getting a lot of calcium and protein is from whey protein powders, in particular this whey contains the highest amount of protein and calcium compared to any other brand of protein powders: Click Here For The Review


Refined Grains

Refined grains are foods such as white bread, white rice, white pasta etc. These types of carbohydrates are bad for weight loss because once they are processed in your body they leave only sugar and starch. Starch and sugars will be converted and stored as fat so a better option would be to eat wholegrain types of carbs such as brown rice and whole wheat pasta, but if you just can’t give up refined grains completely then having them once or twice a week won’t do as much harm.

white rice

Grains have been at the centre of an on going discussion in the health and fitness community. Some think they are great for you and others say that grains are the reason why a large percentage of the population are obese: For More On This Topic Click Here

Leave your opinion on the foods listed, do you agree or disagree ? If you have anymore questions about belly fat and bad foods then leave a comment below.

12 thoughts on “The Worst Foods To Eat For Belly Fat – 5 Foods To Stop Eating If You Want Chiseled Abs

  1. Hey Andrew, very good article and great advice. Most people are unaware of how fattening some foods are and really have a tough time getting rid of that dreaded belly fat. Sodas are one of the main culprits, with so much sugar added to them.

    Thanks for the info and keep it coming.

  2. Hey man, this content is helpful on so many levels! I was studying this subject but on a amateur level and from the internet 🙂

    Your article I found to be very true and that’s why I’m not losing as much weight as I thought I would. I am eating a lot of veggies and trying not to eat sugar and fat, but the white rice and bread may be the problem.

    Thanks a lot !

  3. Very good list of foods to avoid. I am pretty sure many, including myself, have overlooked most of the unhealthy foods in this article. It’s great that you have also explained more about each of them.

    I love granola bars and used to eat them whenever I feel the need for an energy boost. Gradualy over time, I started eating them for leisure. Thanks to you, I now know that wholegrain cereal is a healthier alternative!


  4. Thank goodness I really don’t eat any of the things on your list. No surprises, that they are not good for you. I kind of knew to stay away from them. The one that did surprise me was granola. I thought granola was a healthy thing to eat. Lucky for me, I am not much of a granola eater. I don’t like nuts and seeds and stuff like that.

  5. I recently started up a no sugar eating regime due to the fact I had to give up running…and I seem to be getting a little bouncy because of it !

    I was recommended to go for meat more than anything else so I was really surprised to read your section on full fat processed meats (I had not though of these as dangers to the diet !).

    Do you feel a belly can disappear with diet alone ? No exercise ?

  6. Hi, I knew about all the foods you mentioned except granola. I always thought granola was a healthier alternative for breakfast. I don’t really like it and I always try again and again because its “healthy”, so happy to read it’s not 🙂 thanks for that. I think in the future I’ll stick to my weetabix for breakfast ! Very informative article.

    1. Hey Hollie,

      There are a lot of foods that are claimed to be healthy, but make sure to do some research before listening to anyone. p.s. Weetabix is great for breakfast, but it can be a bit bland so if you add some honey and fruits it becomes oh so delicious.

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