The Worst Foods To Eat Before Bed – AVOID These Foods At All Costs

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Once in a while we all get hungry before bed time and no matter how disciplined you are it becomes very difficult to fall asleep with a growling stomach, but with so many types of food/snacks in the pantry and fridge choosing the right one becomes a tough decision. Otherwise, you can forget about hitting a new low weigh-in the next morning as it could sabotage any weight loss goals you have, since eating the wrong things will disrupt your sleep and maybe even add unwanted body fat.

Remember there is no shame in having a late night snack, but you just need to be smart about what you put into your body when it comes to eating late. So here are the 5 worst things you can possibly eat before going to bed and some alternatives to these foods.


You may love chocolate, but unfortunately not only does it contain very high sugar and fat contents, it also has caffeine. Furthermore if your considering dark chocolate as an alternative you can forget it because although it is one of the healthiest forms of chocolate containing high levels of antioxidants it contains higher levels of caffeine than milk or white chocolate since it has a greater percentage of cocoa solids.

On top of that, dark chocolate is loaded with stimulants like theobromine that will have you feeling more alert for longer periods of time. As a substitute try eating carob it contains no caffeine or stimulants, but tastes quite similar to chocolate.


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Spicy Foods

No matter how strong/resistant your stomach may be to spicy food it will still cause indigestion and ruins the chances of you getting a good night’s sleep since you’ll be going to the toilet in the middle of the night. Another problem spicy food causes is the sudden rise in temperature you will experience and if your too hot you will stay awake since your body temperature needs to be at 15-19 degrees Celsius for you to fall asleep peacefully.

Instead of eating hot and spicy foods at night try using an abundant of herbs/spices within your food to give it the flavour needed to satisfy your taste buds.


Ice Cream

Ice cream may probably be one of the most comforting foods to indulge in, but it contains so much sugar and fat. Fat takes a very long time to digest and since your digestive system needs to work so hard your sleep may be disturbed. Furthermore, the sugar will give you a temporary energy boost and even pack on unwanted pounds.

Luckily, for you if you’re really craving ice cream there are many low fat/sugar options nowadays. So next time you go to buy your groceries remember to look for the healthier options.

ice cream


Hopefully your pantry/fridge isn’t stocked with croissants, pies, Danishes, macaroons, strudels, cannoli, tarts, etc because it becomes so easy and tempting to grab them since your control is low late at night due to the fact you’re stressed and tired from work, so your body just craves the sweet and savoury food it desires for energy. These may be the worst item on this list simply because of the extremely high fat/sugar content pastries contain and if you’re trying to lose weight you just really shouldn’t even have these in your house just to save yourself from the temptation of eating them.

There are many other savoury/sweet foods you can make at night that is much better for you than pastries. For example, try apple sauce made with only apples/cinnamon if your looking for something sweet and for something savoury you could eat rice cakes (there are many flavours from caramel to sour cream).


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Coffee Flavoured Foods

This one may seem a bit obvious, but just because your not drinking Frappuccino’s or lattes at night it doesn’t mean you can eat coffee flavoured candy or even worse coffee flavoured ice cream. Simply because they all contain caffeine and if you happen to fall asleep you’re probably going to wake up in the middle of the night. Make sure you avoid anything containing coffee 3 hours before bedtime or else say bye bye to a good night’s sleep.


If you think that there should be anymore foods added to this list feel free to leave your own opinion by commenting below.

8 thoughts on “The Worst Foods To Eat Before Bed – AVOID These Foods At All Costs

  1. Hi Andrew, basically you have highlighted most of the foods that are pretty bad for you full stop! I do have a habit of having a small piece of chocolate after my evening meal, but I don’t think it does much harm. Furthermore, I don’t really understand your point about spicy food, many cultures have spicy meals all the time and they don’t have any issues. I sometimes have dried fruit as an alternative.

    1. The point about spicy food is that for people who have a weak stomach it could cause diarrhoea in the middle of the night and if you get hot easily eating spicy food at night won’t help you fall asleep since you’ll be uncomfortably warm.

  2. Great article, direct to the point and very informative for those who completely ignore this topic, like me. Thanks for sharing the information, it has really helped me get better sleep at night.

    I have a question now that I’m seeing that you are a professional in this field, I’m a lean person but my body tends to accumulate fat in my stomach and back, how can I successfully lose the fat ?

    1. When you lose fat you lose it from all over your body and you can’t just target where you want to lose the fat, so the only way to successfully lose the fat from your stomach and back is to be in a caloric deficit. Here is an article that will answer all your questions about how to lose weight effectively: What’s The Best Diet for Weight Loss ?

      If you need anymore help the best way to contact me is by sending me a message here:….

      Good Luck !

  3. Wow, this is an interesting article. I love to eat ice cream and chocolate before bedtime to be honest. This could be 1 of the reasons why i am always having a hard time falling asleep at night.

    It’s good to know that there are other foods to avoid for me at night as well because I can be abit of a gluttony before sleeping. Do you know what kind of drinks to avoid at night if I want to sleep well?

    Thanks for the article. Keep up the good work!

    1. Don’t drink any teas, coffee or sodas at night as they all contain caffeine. Just stick with water it’s the best 🙂

  4. What a great list of foods in which I am going to make sure that I avoid in the future. I am pretty good at avoiding late night snacks, but this is because I am someone that likes to go to bed early, however, if I stay up later than I usually do I am craving high-calorie foods. In particular cheese. I’ve always wondered why that is? Is it because my body is searching for energy dense food to keep it working efficently?

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