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The Most Important Strength Training Exercises – Gain Muscle 50% Faster With These 5 Exercises

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Below are the 5 most important strength training exercises that will help you gain plenty of lean muscle mass, doing these exercises will help you achieve a great physique assuming your eating enough protein and getting enough rest for the muscles to grow.

The Front Squat

The front squat is great at increasing your core muscles, it primarily works your quads/upper back so it is great for quad development and quad strength. It will also help with your strength in the deadlift and over head press because your core will be stronger therefore your body can stay more upright and rigid in those movements.

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The Standing Over Head Press (OHP)

The standing OHP is a total body exercise and is one of the best movements to build raw strength. It works your core muscles and all 3 heads of your deltoids which include your front delts, side delts and rear delts. Your legs/core help stabilise the weight and once your in position your shoulders, upper chest and arms is used to press the barbell over your head.

over head press


The Bench Press

Probably the most famous exercise but, for a good reason. The bench press will help develop your upper body strength and power using mainly your chest and triceps with a bit of your shoulders also involved within the movement. The stronger your bench press becomes the bigger your arms are going to be since the triceps make up for 60% of your arm size.

bench press


Pull-ups are a compound exercise that work the pull muscles in your body. They work a variety of muscles, but mainly the lats/traps with a bit of your biceps, triceps and chest also involved within the movement. The stronger you get at doing pullups the stronger your bench press will be as your lats give you leverage and a sturdy base to bench press off of.


The Deadlift

If you want to have a stunning physique and gain raw strength deadlifts would be the best exercise to turn too especially if your a beginner lifter. The deadlift is the king of compound movements and the greatest strength exercise because it takes virtually your entire body to do, but most of the focus should be on your lats, glutes, hamstrings and lower back.


All these exercises will take a lot out of you since they involve so many muscle groups to perform and if you have been working out consistently you know that sometimes there are days where you don’t get enough sleep or you’re simply too tired from a long days work and you need that extra boost of energy for your gym session to be effective. If you want to maximise energy, focus and performance for those rough days then… Click Here For The BSN NO XPLODE Pre Workout Review

If you have anymore questions about these 5 exercises then leave a comment below.

10 thoughts on “The Most Important Strength Training Exercises – Gain Muscle 50% Faster With These 5 Exercises

  1. I like the way you approached the five essential exercises for overall fitness. Most of the time I see people in the gym just working on their arms mostly biceps and chest. Some will consider the whole upper body from some exercises.

    I see so many people neglect their lower half when exercising. It’s great to see you have chosen five exercises that will work out the entire body. With that in mind, I’ll need to check out more of your site for intermediate training.

    1. Yes this is very true a lot of people only work their chest and arms in the gym. It’s great that my blog has helped you and be sure to check back as I will be posting more helpful tips soon.

  2. Useful guide, thanks!
    I’ve never actually done a front squat, but I have watched a video of a trainer showing how it’s done. I think that might be one exercise I will need support with.
    I usually do bench presses with dumbbells and I have recently started doing deadlifts – can see results very quickly with this.

    1. Just remember if you do a front squat keep the bar on your clavicle and keep your elbows up while squatting. Hope that helps 🙂

  3. Hey Andrew,

    I will start to do these movements in my routine. I think they are excellent to build some muscle mass and make all kinds of gains.

    I like to do the overhead press to get steal shoulders and look like I have 3d delts.

    Thank you man I wish you the best!

    1. No Problem Emmanuel. These movements will skyrocket your muscle building to help you make all kinds of gains haha, If you need any more tips on workouts or nutrition be sure to visit back soon.

  4. Thanks for timely response to my message 3 days ago.
    You have great information here. One query, If I want to start on these 5 routines here, how many times should I do each for the first 2 or 3 weeks? I walk a lot and do cardio related workouts twice a week. I have no need to lose weight and I am keen on adding some muscle mass to my arms/improving body tone and strength.

    1. I will start writing more posts on this very soon, but for this week just ensure you form is correct when you are doing these movements. So I would recommend just using the bar and learning how to perform these movements with proper form.

  5. Hey Andrew, Really great article and very useful for beginner bodybuilders, I’ve been training for a year now and I use to do the normal squats, but never tried the front squat. I don’t think it is that hard though just same as normal squats just place the bar in front, but the only thing I’m scared of is deadlifts, is it safe? should I wear a belt?

    1. If you do any exercise with bad form it can be unsafe so just make sure you practice your deadlifts with really light weight until you’re sure you can do it with perfect form. With the belt I would reccommned it when you start to do heavier weights.

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