The Importance Of Protein Synthesis – Increase Your Muscle Growth Today !

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No matter what you believe without protein synthesis your muscles will not grow and this is a proven fact. By understanding the importance of protein synthesis and how it creates muscle growth you’ll have a much easier time building that dream physique of yours.

Why Is Protein Synthesis Important ?

If you’re a natural lifter protein synthesis is important because it tells you exactly how often you should train a muscle group for optimal muscle growth. For decades now scientific research has shown that when you train a certain body part or muscle group, protein synthesis is elevated for around 36-48 hours until it returns back to a normal level. This 36-48 hour window is the only time that muscle will “grow” meaning that each muscle group should be trained every 2 days for optimal growth.

How Protein Synthesis Creates Muscle Growth

When you workout your muscles are torn on the cellular level, this is known as microscopic tears and when this happens blood flow to that area increases so that the muscle can be rebuilt through protein synthesis. Once the muscle is repaired it will be stronger and larger than before indicating that muscle growth has been achieved !

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How To Maximise Protein Synthesis

Here is a step by step guide on how to maximise protein synthesis from what you should eat pre to post workout, the supplements to take and the type of training programs to follow:

Pre-Workout Nutrition

Your pre-workout meal should be eaten around 30-60 minutes before you train and shouldn’t contain too many calories or be too filling. The perfect amount of protein to consume would be around 30-50 grams of a medium-fast acting protein source and around 30-80 grams of slow absorbing (low-medium GI) carbs. Fats should be kept to a minimum (no more than 10 grams) since it takes a very long time to digest.

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Post-Workout Nutrition

Post-Workout nutrition is the most important meal for maximising protein synthesis and should be eaten up to 2 hours after training, the sooner the better. The perfect amount of protein to consume would be around 30-50 grams of only fast acting protein and around 50-100 grams of simple carbohydrates with a high GI. Fats won’t matter too much and it’s optional depending on your current physique goals.

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Supplements are obviously optional, but to really help you maximise protein synthesis both whey protein powders and BCAAs are essential.

Whey protein is the fastest acting protein source on the planet and is perfect to take both pre/post workout. A lot of whey protein powders also contain BCAAs, but it’s still beneficial to get a BCAAs supplement on it’s own just in case your whey protein powder doesn’t have any BCAAs.

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See when you take BCAAs (especially L-Leucine) protein synthesis will be increased because the 3 amino acids in the BCAAs are unbound which means the rate of absorption of the amino acids are drastically increased.

Training Programs

Briefly mentioned before each muscle group should be trained every 2 days to maximise protein synthesis. Therefore, as a natural lifter it’s much better to use a full body training split than split routines like push, pull, legs. However, if you’re an intermediate lifter (been lifting consistently for over 3 years and have built some quality muscle mass/strength) then split training might be a better option because you can progress easier and train lagging body parts that you don’t directly hit when doing full body splits like the rear delts or calves.

All in all protein synthesis is king for muscle growth, by following the methods above you will be able to maximise it and see the results you want at a much quicker rate.

As always, if you have anymore questions about protein synthesis then leave a comment about it down below.

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