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The Best Rear Delt Exercises – 4 Exercises To Make Your Rear Delts Pop

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The Rear Deltoids

Otherwise know as the posterior head of your deltoids, the rear delt is a very small muscle group that starts at the bridge of your shoulder blade/scapula and ends at the arm bone.

rear delts

The rear delts are one of the most neglected and undertrained muscles when it comes to bodybuilding/strength training. In fact some people don’t even know that the rear delts exist and consequently this will limit your shoulder size/strength and increase the chances of impinging your shoulder, injuring you rotator cuff, elbow problems and a whole lot of other issues in the long run.

If you want to prevent this and achieve a great back that will separate you from many other’s who train all while decreasing your risk of injury then here are 4 of the best rear delt exercises that you can add into your current shoulder routine (ensure you choose the right weight to use when performing these exercises so that you actually feel the rear delts working or else you’re just wasting your time):

Face Pulls

One of the best exercises to isolate the rear delts. Move the pulley all the way up and position your hand palm facing inward when holding the 2 ropes, retract your scapula then pull it straight back to the front of your forehead until you end up in the double bicep pose, repeat every rep just like this.

3 Sets 12-15 Reps

1 Minute 30 Second Rest Inbetween Each Set

face pulls

Standing Reverse Cable Fly

Start by moving the pulleys just above your shoulder and take off any attachment on the cable because for this exercise you’re just gonna hold onto the cable. Now grab the left cable with your right hand and the right cable with your left hand, step back then raise your arms to shoulder height. Once in position simply pull both cables all the way back simultaneously and remember to keep your back straight throughout the movement.

3 Sets 12-15 Reps

1 Minute 30 Second Rest Inbetween Each Set

standing reverse cable fly

Dumbbell Rear Delt Fly

First thing you’re gonna do is grab a pair of dumbbells and stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Then you’re gonna arch your back while always maintaining a neutral spine, once in this position bring your arms forward and keep a slight bend in your knees and elbows. Lastly, pinch your shoulder blades together and bring your arms up then back down focusing on the contraction of your rear delts.

3 Sets 12-15 Reps

1 Minute 30 Second Rest Inbetween Each Set

Rear Delt Fly

One-Arm Bent Over Rear Lateral Cable Raise

Bring the pulley all the way down, bend over with your upper body just above parallel to the ground and grab the cable using a single hand attachment. Relax the shoulder you’re working and allow it to hang forward, from there raise the cable out to your side while focusing on pulling through your elbow and not your hand. Lastly, lower the cable slowly and repeat.

3 Sets 10-12 Reps

1 Minute Rest Inbetween Each Set

one arm bent over rear lateral cable raise

By adding 2-3 of these rear delt focused exercises to your current shoulder or back routine you’ll start to see an improvement in your strength when doing exercises like the bent-over row or over head press, allowing you to gain more muscle mass overall. It is also very important to remember that you must have a balanced diet with high protein and enough rest to allow the muscle to repair/recover.

If you have anymore questions about the rear delts or these exercises then leave a comment below.

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