The Best Protein For Muscle Growth – Increase Your Muscle Mass Now

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Protein is very important for muscle growth and development. If you would like to build a muscular physique you should seek out at least 0.9 grams of protein for every pound of body weight to build and maintain muscle mass. When you are cutting (losing weight) you should increase this to 1.2 grams of protein for every pound of body weight. To hit this large amount of protein you’ll need to make sure your grocery cart is filled with a wide range of high-protein foods.

Below Is The Top 8 Highest Protein Foods That Are Also Low In Fat

Skinless Chicken Breast

100 grams (cooked) = 3.6g Fat  0g Carbs  31g Protein / 165 Calories (Eat it with the skin or have chicken thighs if your trying to gain weight)

grilled chicken breast

Skinless Turkey Breast

100 grams (cooked) = 3.4g Fat  0g Carbs  21g Protein / 115 Calories (Eat it with the skin or have turkey drumsticks if your trying to gain weight)

roasted turkey breast


100 grams (cooked) = 0.9g Fat  0g Carbs  22.8g Protein / 105 Calories (Eat fattier fishes such as salmon or mackerel if your trying to gain weight)

cooked cod

Since cod contains virtually no fats it lacks many of the nutrients such as Omega-3 that the fattier fishes such as salmon and mackerel have, but luckily this 100% natural supplement can easily solve that problem for you: Click Here For The Review


100 grams (cooked) = 0.3g Fat  0g Carbs  24g Protein / 99 Calories

Cooked Shrimp

Canned Tuna

100 grams (cooked) = 1.8g Fat  0g Carbs  26.5g Protein / 123 Calories (Get canned tuna in sunflower oil instead of water if your trying to gain weight)

canned tuna

Egg Whites

100 grams (raw) = 0.2g Fat  0.7g Carbs  10.9g Protein / 52 Calories (Eat whole eggs if your trying to gain weight)

egg whites


100 grams (cooked) = 2.7g Fat  0g Carbs  26g Protein / 129 Calories (Eat fattier fishes such as salmon or mackerel if your trying to gain weight)

cooked tilapia


Pork Fillet/Tenderloin

100 grams (cooked) = 4.2g Fat  0g Carbs  28.3g Protein / 210 Calories (Eat pork loin/whole roast pork’s if your trying to gain weight)

pork fillet

Many of you if not all of you may know of the supplement whey protein and although it isn’t on this list whey protein supplements are one of the best forms of protein to incorporate into your diet. If you are looking for the best whey protein out there this one has been awarded for 9 years in a row: Click Here To Find Out Why

If you have any other suggestions for high protein foods comment below !

18 thoughts on “The Best Protein For Muscle Growth – Increase Your Muscle Mass Now

  1. Great information here. I try and eat a good amount of protein since I weight lift quite a bit. You’ve given me some good items to add to my list the next time I go shopping. Thanks for the info!

  2. Hi Andrew, great post with lots of great ideas for high protein foods that we can get from the grocery store to help get our macros right! It is sometimes quite hard to get enough protein and this type of post is very useful to those of us who are aware of what we are eating. Thanks again!

    1. Yes steak is a great protein source, but has a lot of fats as this list is more for cutting. Although if your bulking then steak would be a great addition to your grocery list.

  3. Hey Andrew,

    I see that you also have some other great content and posts on your website. I will read some today to get some really good advice.

    I was just wondering do you coach people ? If not you have the capability of doing so ! I think you know your stuff well.

    1. Hey Emmanuel.

      Yes, I do coach people but, I’m just making sure that my website is of good quality before I start offering my services. I would say its at 50% complete right now give it a couple more weeks and it’ll be ready. 🙂

  4. Hi there I enjoyed the post on which proteins to use to help build muscle, my preference is always chicken as I find it easy to eat and tasty. I noticed that when cutting you have said to increase protein to 1.2grams per pound of bodyweight I was under the impression that you increase protein when building and only to a max of 1gram per pound of body weight. What is the reason for the large increase in protein when cutting as I am truly interested, in case studies have changed recently. Eagerly awaiting your answer.

    1. The reason why you need more protein when cutting is to ensure you preserve as much muscle as possible. When you lose weight you will lose fat and muscle, but having a higher protein intake shifts your body towards burning fat instead of muscle.

  5. Great post man, some great foods here. They will probably be best for those that are trying to put on lean muscle instead of getting huge. Or for those that are ready to cut. Either or, these foods are great.

    I like to stay quite lean so I’ll probably stick to the fish you have listed here.

    Well done, keep up the good work !

  6. Lots of different meats ! They all look great, except for shrimp because I don’t like shrimp..

    Do you have any recommendations of a list for someone who’s trying to cut down on their meat intake while still meeting protein requirements ? Or do you have a different post for that…? Sorry I’m not sure.

    1. You could try eggs, Greek yoghurt, literally all dairy foods unless your lactose intolerant. Of course how can we forget whey protein powder easiet way to get in your protein.

  7. Great article !

    Well detailed and written. This is definitely a good guide on which protein rich foods to eat to keep you on the right path. I eat tons of protein as I move double body weights almost everyday. Although I consume a big amount of fats especially in the morning. Will definitely visit your site more often, keep posting more about nutrition.

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