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The Best HIIT Exercises – 3 Exercises For Rapid Fat Loss

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HIIT (high intensity interval training) is a form of cardio that incorporates intense periods of exercise with intervals of low intensity exercise or complete rest. Interval training is one of the best ways to make your workout short, but extremely effective. This type of cardio training has been effective for so many people because it keeps your body burning fat even after you leave the gym. How ? well during your HIIT workout your muscles rack up a debt of oxygen because your body couldn’t get enough oxygen to your muscles during the intense periods of exercise. This will keep your metabolism at an all time high for hours after you leave the gym.

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Furthermore, HIIT workouts won’t only help you lose fat it also stimulates muscle building hormones such as HGH and IGF-1. In addition to boosting your hormone response, HIIT also increases your cardio ability which strengthens your heart and cardiovascular system.

The 4 Week HIIT Program

How To Do The 3 Exercises

  • Burpees – Start in the squat position and kick your legs all the way back then do a push up. Come back up by doing a frog jump, once you’re back up do a jump squat.

  • Mountain Climbers – Get into a planking position and simply alternate one knee in and one knee out. Remember to keep your hips down.

mountain climber

  • Jump Squat – Come down into the squat position and reach for the sky when you jump up by pushing through your toes, the harder you push through your toes the higher you will be able jump, therefore burning more calories.

jump squat

Week 1

  1. Burpees 8x
  2. Mountain Climbers 16x
  3. Jump Squat 8x

8 rounds with 45 second rest between each round, doing all 3 exercises in a row equals one round. To be done 2 times in the week.

Week 2

  1. Burpees 9x
  2. Mountain Climbers 18x
  3. Jump Squat 9x

8 rounds with 40 second rest between each round, to be done 3 times in the week.

Week 3

  1. Burpees 9x
  2. Mountain Climbers 18x
  3. Jump Squat 9x

9 rounds with 35 second rest between each round, to be done 3 times in the week.

Week 4

  1. Burpees 10x
  2. Mountain Climbers 20x
  3. Jump Squat 10x

10 rounds with 30 second rest between each round, to be done 3 times in the week.

It is very important to remember that if your diet is not in check you will not lose weight no matter how much cardio you do.

Although HIIT cardio has many benefits there are definitely a few drawbacks and you may want to consider them if your goal isn’t just to lose fat. The first is it could adversely effect your gym workouts since you may lift less weight due to fatigue. For example, a lot of HIIT cardio routines like this one require you to use your core and leg muscles in most of the exercises which means now your core and leg muscles will be more taxed, therefore needing a longer time to recover. Since most muscle building movements require you to have a strong core and a pair of fresh legs you could end up lifting less weight because you still haven’t fully recovered from your last gym session resulting in less lean muscle mass being gained. So if your main goal is just to gain muscle then steady state cardio may actually be a better option than HIIT.

treadmills at gym

If you do HIIT cardio after your lifting sessions and because it requires a tremendous amount of energy taking a pre-workout may greatly benefit you to push through it: Check Out The Top 5 Caffeine Free Pre-Workouts Here

If you have anymore questions about HIIT cardio then feel free to leave a comment below.

10 thoughts on “The Best HIIT Exercises – 3 Exercises For Rapid Fat Loss

  1. Hey,

    I just got done reading your article. I myself am a fitness enthusiast and I always try various different exercises to tackle different aspects of physical fitness.

    With my own experience about the intensity and results of these exercises, I can say that these 3 are one of the best ones out there.

    They can actually reduce fat at a rapid rate. I guess, out of these a beginner will find burpees a little more difficult than the other two.

    Anyhow, this post is certainly a boon for the people who wanna lose weight faster without doing a bunch of different exercises.

    Thanks for the post Andrew !

  2. HIIT is the killer workout.

    I used to do those kind of exercises when I was doing Insanity, these kind of exercises literally bring out the last sweat kept inside of you. You can feel the fat being melted by HIIT exercises.

    Great explanation on the most common HIIT exercises that sure do work out as one of the best exercising techniques out there.

  3. I have recently found that I enjoy doing HIIT workouts, I like that they are fast yet very effective. This four week workout looks fun and challenging so it’s something I will want to try in the near future. I can’t believe you only have to do it a few times a week, should you rest the other days or do lighter, easier workouts on those days ?

  4. Hey Andrew, so you are telling me I have to watch what I eat, I just can’t do these exercises and lose weight ?

    Haha just kidding, I know a lot of people that will exercise like crazy and not lose any weight just because they still continue to eat anything they want, and then complain that exercising doesn’t work. Go figure.

    One question, on the jump squats is it important to keep your arms behind your neck in doing these, or will it work with them at your side ?

    I will definitely be putting these to work after the holidays. lol 🙂


    1. Actually when doing the jump squats you should reach for the ceiling or sky depending if your in or outside, doing that helps burn more calories.

  5. Hey I think that burpees are the most horibble thing anyone could ever do, in saying that though, I must admit that they give a fantastic cardio workout and definitely achieve the result of getting that heart rate up.

    What do you think about hiit using weights ? do you have any exercises you could recommend for someone like me that doesn’t like cardio, but still wants to get their heart rate up ?

    1. You could do HIIT using weights depending on the exercise and if you don’t like doing normal cardio then you should try super setting when your weight training, that will definitely get your heart rate up.

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