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The Best Compound Exercises For Mass – 6 Exercises For Major Muscle Gainz !

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A compound exercise is defined as an exercise done with free weights that involves more than one muscle group and performing them will allow you to work more muscle overall, therefore reducing the amount of time you spend training since more major muscle groups will be hit with a smaller number of exercises.

big 3 compound movements

Furthermore, compound movements forces your body to enhance protein synthesis because stress is exerted throughout the whole body and this always leads to greater muscle growth. If you want a more effective workout and better results build your training program around these following 6 tried-and-true compound exercises:


The king of compound movements and the greatest strength exercise, if you want to have a stunning physique then deadlifts would be the best exercise to turn too especially if you’re a beginner. The deadlift works your lats, lower back, abs, glutes, hamstrings, calves (and nearly every muscle in your body), but it will also provide a lot of work for your entire upper back even though it’s not a conventional upper back exercise.

How To Perform The Exercise

To start your feet need to be shoulder width apart and your shins need to be close to the bar. Place your hands on the bar just outside of your feet and ensure you keep it even on both sides (use the lines on the bar as a guideline). MAKE SURE your starting posture is you sitting back in to it with your bum stuck out, chest out, shoulders held back and head up. This will help you keep a neutral spine throughout the whole motion. Now drive through your legs first and not your back if you don’t want to injure yourself.


Barbell Bench Press

Probably the most famous exercise, but for a good reason because it is highly effective at activating your pecs and triceps since it allows you to use more weight compared to any other upper body exercise. Your anterior delts and serratus is also worked during the bench press.

How To Perform The Exercise

Lay down flat on a bench, pinch your shoulder blades together because this helps take tension of your shoulder blade and rotator cuffs. Ensure your elbows are closer to your ribs to put more emphasis on your triceps. The further away they are from your ribs the more emphasis it will have on the anterior (front) delt and you want to prevent this or else you risk your shoulders from getting injured.

bench press

Wide Grip Pull-Ups

Pull-ups are a compound exercise that work the pull muscles in your body and maybe the best exercise for building a wide back. They work a variety of muscles, but mainly the lats and traps with a bit of your biceps, triceps and chest also involved within the movement.

How To Perform The Exercise

The pull-up is probably the easiest exercise to learn, but probably also the hardest to do. Start by placing your hands shoulder width apart on the pull-up bar and literally pull yourself up until your chin is above the bar. Make sure that you come all the way down on each rep so that you’re getting the full range of motion.


Barbell Front Squat

The front squat primarily works your quads and upper back so it’s a great compound movement for quad development and quad strength. It also works the adductors, glutes and hamstrings.

How To Perform The Exercise

Place the barbell on your clavicle and find the right distance between your feet as it’s different for everyone. Once in position cross your arms over the bar to lock it in place and squat all the way down, ensure you squeeze your glutes when you are coming back up.

front squat

Barbell Back Squat

Similar to the deadlift the barbell back squat is a total body exercise that primarily works your quads and glutes. If performed correctly the barbell back squat will make your upper body much stronger for all movements that require core stabilization.

How To Perform The Exercise

To begin place your feet shoulder width apart while resting the bar on your shoulders and keeping your toes in an outward position. Stick your chest out and lower your body as if you’re going to sit in a small chair, once your hip is slightly lower than your knees drive back up using your heels and glutes.


Over Head Press

The OHP is a total body exercise and is one of the best movements to build raw strength. It works your core muscles and all 3 heads of your deltoids which include your front delts, side delts and rear delts. If done standing your legs/core helps stabilise the weight (if done seated only your core will be engaged and not your legs) and once your in position your shoulders, upper chest and arms is used to press the barbell over your head.

How To Perform The Exercise

Start by standing with your feet shoulder width apart, keep your glutes tight and bring the barbell just below your chin. Now press all the way up, while you’re pressing up move your head back slightly and then back in when you’ve lowered the bar back down below your chin.

over head press

To conclude if you want to make some major muscle mass gains without spending hours at the gym then adding all 6 of these compound exercises to your current routine is highly recommended. Don’t forget that you must also get plenty of sleep combined with a proper nutrition plan so that your muscles can repair and grow.

If you have anymore questions about compound exercises then please feel free to leave a comment below about it.

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