The Best Carbs To Eat For Weight Loss – Drop Weight Fast With These 8 Carbs

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You may not believe it, but even though carbs get a lot of bad rep they’re actually very good for you. After reading this article you will find out why foods with carbohydrates are one of the best foods to eat for fat/weight loss. Besides, everyone that has tried a low carb diet knows that it sucks because you never have enough energy to do anything.

Carbohydrates are equal to energy, but the right carbs are equal to the right energy so you can’t go ahead and start eating bagels, French fries and cupcakes your gonna feel very sluggish and tired. Those foods are not the kind of carbohydrates you should be eating to often because they have no nutritional value, but of course once in a while it’s fine to have them as a treat. The carbs that you should be eating are fruits, green leafs, potatoes and on some occasions white rice, but you must remember if you want to lose weight by eating carbs you should eat most of it before your last meal. Meaning that your last meal should only contain fats and proteins, if you do have any carbs in your last meal it can only be from green leafy vegetables. Lastly, one of the most important rules with anyone trying to lose weight is that they need to be in a caloric deficit or else no matter what you eat you will not lose weight.

Below Is The Top 8 Carbohydrates For Weight Loss

All of the foods listed are low in fat, high in fibre and some are even high in protein, but most importantly they have great nutritional value. These carbs will keep you feeling full for hours so that you don’t eat as much resulting in weight loss.

Brown Rice

100 grams (cooked) = 0.9g Fat  23g Carbs  1.8g Fibre  2.6g Protein / 111 Calories

brown rice


100 grams (cooked) = 1.9g Fat  21.1g Carbs  2.7g Fibre  4.3g Protein / 121 Calories



100 grams (cooked) = 0.4g Fat  20g Carbs  8g Fibre  9g Protein / 116 Calories


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100 grams (raw) = 8g Fat  60g Carbs  9g Fibre  11g Protein / 375 Calories


Sweet Potato

100 grams (cooked) = 0.2g Fat  20.7g Carbs  3.3g Fibre  2g Protein / 92 Calories

sweet potato

White Potato

100 grams (cooked) = 0.2g Fat  21.1g Carbs  2.1g Fibre  2.1g Protein / 94 Calories

white potato

Whole Wheat Pasta

100 grams (cooked) = 0.9g Fat  28.3g Carbs  3.7g Fibre  4.8g Protein / 148 Calories

whole wheat pasta

Chick Peas

100 grams (cooked) = 2.6g Fat  27g Carbs  8g Fibre  9g Protein / 164 Calories


If you have any other suggestions for carbohydrates with a high nutritional value comment below !


10 thoughts on “The Best Carbs To Eat For Weight Loss – Drop Weight Fast With These 8 Carbs

  1. Excellent advice here. I’m a low carb eater, but I think it’s always important to realize that there are carbs that are good to eat and that can actually aid in weight loss. I definitely agree that the most important thing is a calorie deficit, but equally as important is where those calories come from. Thanks for the great article.

  2. Good advice and informative article. I think I need to change my dinner menu by having more fats, proteins and leafy vegetables. Can you give me any examples of fats which is suitable to take for dinner in order to lose weight?

  3. Seeing as how I only eat about half the items on this list I should really get on this! I noticed a lot of these foods have high fiber – Is that what constitutes a ‘good carb’?

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