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Working Out When You’re Sick… Bad Or Good ?

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You feel a bit under the weather and you know that these next couple of days you’re going to be sick, it might just be the common cold or god forbid something worse. You have been killing it in the gym lately and rarely miss a day, but you don’t want to take a break from lifting because you know that consistency is key especially in bodybuilding or you fear it’ll be hard to get started again if you skip a day or two you’ll just become too lazy to get back in the gym

Should You Carry On Working Out Or Take A Break ?

Now the answer to this question really depends on what kind of illness/sickness you have caught and how high your temperature is. Aside from being highly contagious and infecting everyone else at the gym having a common cold or headache shouldn’t stop you from working out and it could actually help you get better because if your training at a high enough intensity all the nasty mucus will be cleared from the congested areas (nose/throat) if you have a cold and the redirection of blood flow you get straight to your working muscles can redirect from the area in your brain that’s causing the pressure of the headache. These are just minor annoyances you can work around and after you do you will feel much better. Working out while being sick can be quite difficult so if you need that extra boost of energy for your gym session this pre workout will improve your concentration, allow you to have intense muscle pumps and extreme mental focus especially when your ill: Click Here For The Review


Now if you have caught something serious like a fever or respiratory infection then any form of training should be stopped to allow your body to recover. Specifically if your temperature is elevated (37 degrees Celsius and higher) because your immune system is fighting off infections and the last thing you need is too stress your body out with a workout.

Taking A Break May Actually Help !

For you guys that have caught something really bad and know you won’t be able to train for a few days or perhaps even weeks there is hope. If your worried about losing the size you’ve worked so hard for the good news is that you won’t lose your size gains in a week and probably not even in a month just because you have been building your foundation consistently for a few years and something that takes so much time/dedication to build up will not be so easily broken down. Most of the times the lay offs from the gym is actually good for your body and could actually give you more motivation to go harder when you get back just because you’ve taken such a long time off.


Lastly, if you want to get better as fast as possible make sure the first thing you do is go and see your doctor, then get to bed early, drink plenty of water and eat nutritious whole foods. Furthermore make sure you are fully recovered because if you try to go back too soon, you may just end up prolonging the recovery phase or even worse get ill again. One natural supplement that will help you recover faster and improve your overall health is fish oils: Find Out More Here

If you’re still unsure as to whether you should workout or not leave your questions down below.

14 thoughts on “Working Out When You’re Sick… Bad Or Good ?

  1. I always know that you should never work out when you are feeling sick because it is just for good for you. However, I never knew that it can actually be good for your body. I like the point you mention about motivation to train harder when you are out for a long time, it actually makes a lot of sense. I do feel more motivated to push harder because I felt as if I had been lazing around.

    Keep up the good work!

    1. Yes Will sometimes doing something so much all the time is great because it’s all about consistency, but with a lot of things you can quickly get bored of it and lose motivation. So it’s actually good to take a couple days off to reenergize and come back stronger !

  2. I really like this article. I always want to workout when I’m feeling sick, but with what you said here I think it might be best if I just lay off the weights for a bit. I will get the whole foods/water in me and get plenty of sleep, i may even try the fish oil supplment you reccommeneded. Thanks for the lesson !

  3. A very informative blog. I have often been in the position where I am ill, but also desperate to exercise because as you said for fearing the loss of what I have worked so hard for.

    As a dancer, flexibility is very important and without stretching consistently you can quickly lose years of hard work.

    Thank you for the post, I will keep it in mind next time I am ill at the gym.

    – TBonki

  4. Everything you mentioned in your article makes perfect sense on what to do about working out under conditions of being sick.

    I like the fact that you have some related posts about some options to help with recovery time in some other articles to make sure you can get back on track the right way, but what if I’m currently in the middle of having a cold ? should I go to the gym or not ?

    1. If it’s just a common cold then you should go to the gym especially if your in the middle of it, just to help naturally get rid off a lot of the symptoms.

  5. Great advice Andrew ! If sick I always think rather be safe than sorry. I have heard of so many that work out when they are sick and they don’t realise that they may be sicker than they think, therefore prolonging their sickness.

    Also the fact that by going to the gym you are just spreading your bugs to everyone else, I wouldn’t chance it.

  6. Consistency is definitely key, but I don’t normally workout if I am sick. I mean depending on what it is. Sometimes the energy levels are just not there. Although I have heard that rest is just as important as the workouts themselves. Is that true ? and if so what is the appropriate amount of rest one needs between workouts in a given week ?

    1. It really depends on what your workout split is, for example if you workout three times a week and do a full body split then you must rest 4 days a week or if your do a push, pull, legs program then you rest every 4th day.

  7. Hey, first of all thanks for this great, interesting and very informative article on being sick and lifting.

    I had heard before that it is not that good to lift or workout in general when you are really sick. Sickness often goes way faster when you just rest for a few days.

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