Should I Stop Dieting ? – 5 Signs That Show It’s Time To STOP

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Dieting, weight loss, cutting… these all generally mean the same thing, but sometimes what may start off as a great way to lose a few pounds to reach your ideal body type can end up spiralling to a place where the diet is no longer working for many reasons.

It is true that the only way you can lose weight and fat is by creating a caloric deficit either through your diet or exercise or even a combination of both, but when these principles are taken to the extreme it can become nearly impossible for you to continue following them. That is why so many diets fail and end up doing more harm than good if you don’t know when to stop ! So if you’ve been dieting for a while now here are 5 signs that show it’s time to take a break and stop:

#1 You Keep Cheating On Your Diet

Cheating on your diet once in a while can actually be a good thing, but when it happens every other day it can lead to serious weight gain and affect your relationship with food. So if you’ve been binging/cheating on your diet constantly then it’s time to stop your diet for good or else you’ll be in even worse shape than when you started.


#2 Your Weight Keeps Fluctuating

Weight fluctuation is normal when it comes to weight loss, but to know whether or not this fluctuation is good or bad you must add up every single one of your weigh-ins for the week and divide it by 7 (do this for 3 weeks). If this value is significantly lower compared to the one from the week before then the diet you’re on works, but if you’ve barely lost any weight, gained weight or maintained your weight then it’s time to stop the diet because the diet your currently on is not working out for you.


#3 You’ve Hit A Serious Plateau

Are you at a point in your diet where for some reason no matter what you do the scale just won’t budge ? If you’re already in a severely calorie restricted diet and doing cardio at least 5 times a week, but you’re still not losing weight then it’s time to stop because you’ve completely crashed your metabolism.


#4 You’re Sick And Tired Of Dieting

If you’ve had enough then well you’ve had enough, so it’s time to stop. Dieting should come from a place of positivity and not obligation, it should never be something you force yourself to do. It’s best to take a break and come back to it after a few weeks, just make sure you don’t let yourself go because this break is meant to help you and definitely not for you to go and destroy all the progress you’ve made thus far.

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#5 You Feel Mentally And Physically Drained All The Time

If you are constantly feeling mentally and physically tired then it may be time to step away from the diet because the longer you go on like this the worse you will feel. This often happens if you’ve been dieting for more than 12 weeks without a cheat meal or refeed day, so to fix this add in one cheat meal or refeed day per week. This will help you find a place of balance and moderation with all foods while also making you feel less deprived.


To sum up if any of these sound like you then it’s time to stop your diet and if you have anymore questions about this topic then please feel free to leave a comment about it below.

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