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Should Couples Workout Together ? – 6 Reasons Why You Should

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If you love going to the gym then why wouldn’t you want someone by your side that’s encouraging and cheering you on to get that last rep ? What if that person could be your partner ? If the both of you exercise together you’re more likely to stay together and there are many studies that show this ! However, that is just one of many benefits for couples who exercise together… Here’s Another 6 Reasons Why Couples Should Workout Together:

You’ll Always Have Someone To Spot You

Maybe you want to go past failure on a particular exercise or break some personal records and finally get that 500 deadlift/300 bench you’ve been training so hard for, but you need someone to spot you to prevent any serious injuries from happening in case anything goes wrong. Well, if you train with your partner you’ll basically have a spotter on speed dial.

spotter couple

Form A Stronger Emotional Bond

When you workout together and do the same exercises you can easily coordinate your actions. This type of behaviour is known as nonverbal mimicry and it benefits you both because research has shown that couples who experience this report greater feelings of emotional bonding when exercising.

emotional bond

It’s Less Likely For Either Of You To Miss A Training Session

Sometimes there are days where you just don’t want to work out and that’s fine because everyone has those days no matter how fit or motivated they are. Luckily for you, when partners care about each others fitness/health they can keep you on track and provide you with the motivation to go to the gym because they know how important it is for you to achieve your fitness goals.

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A Better Sex Life

Working out builds confidence mentally and physically because now you’re also more confident in your body. This allows the sex between you two to become more physical, sensual and visually stimulating. We all know how important sex is in a relationship, when your partner knows how to turn you on in bed it will only make your relationship better and stronger.

better sex

Food Is No Longer A Source Of Contention

Food and what you eat is a part of everyone’s lives and when one of you is body/health conscious and the other isn’t it almost always creates tension and conflict. Now if the both of you workout, then food will no longer be a source of contention because you both want to give your body what it needs for growth and recovery.

avoid these foods

The Efficiency Of Your Workouts Will Improve

One concept in social psychology says that having someone around you effects your ability to do an activity. Have you ever worked out with a friend or family member that also trains consistently ? If you have then you’ll know that those workouts seem to always be better than when you’re alone because for some reason you’ll have more energy, speed and strength. Now you can have this feeling every single time you workout !  because all you have to do is bring along your partner.

heavy squats

Howbeit, this concept won’t apply if you’re just beginning to learn and do an exercise because in these cases your partner will interfere with your ability to complete them. So it would be best for you to master the exercise by yourself first, then bring your partner along.

To sum up couples that sweat and train together really will stay together, either regularly or just on occasion when you make fitness about the both of you it might just give your relationship a new dimension.

If you have anymore questions about working out as a couple then leave a comment below.

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