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Optimum Nutrition Mass Gainer Review – The Best Mass Gainer Supplement

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Product Name: Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass Weight Gain Powderon serious mass

Price: $45.58/£38.50

Cheapest Place To Buy: amazon.com

My Rating: 8/10


What Is Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass Weight Gain Powder ?

Optimum Nutrition’s Serious Mass Weight Gain Powder is the ideal weight gain formula. If you find it difficult to gain weight for whatever reason, Serious Mass could help. Every scope (165 g) contains a minimum of 625 calories, with no added sugar. This includes 25 grams of blended protein to support muscle recovery/growth and 125 grams of carbohydrates to fuel your workouts & replenish low glycogen stores. It also contains 25 essential Vitamins/Minerals, Creatine, Glutamine and Glutamic Acid all in the form of an instantized powder that mixes in just a few shakes. Serious Mass will give you the tools needed to pack on pounds when coupled with proper weight training to ensure you make some GAINS ! To make your shake, simply mix up 2 scoops of Serious Mass powder with milk for even more calories or water for less between meals, post-workout and/or before bed.


Two Different Types Of Whey Protein Used

Whey Protein Isolate: The fastest digesting protein that quickly targets your muscles for fast results. It’s low in lactose and carbs and is fat free, making it excellent to maintain low body fat levels and with it containing 90% protein its the best you can get.

Whey Protein Concentrate: Whey protein concentrate is rapidly absorbed and contains more branch chain amino acids than any other whey making it optimal for building muscles and helping in recovery.


Proson serious mass label

  • Award Of Excellence In 2012
  • NO High Fructose Corn Syrup
  • NO Aspartame
  • 25 Essential Vitamins/Minerals
  • High Protein, High Carb, Low Fat
  • NO Added Sugar
  • NO Hormones
  • NO MSG
  • Maintain Lean Body Mass
  • Fast Absorbing and Fast Acting
  • An Ideal/Nutritious Meal Replacement
  • No Chemical Ingredients
  • Plenty of Flavours to Choose From
  • Packed With Whey Protein Isolates
  • Contains Creatine, Glutamine & Glutamic Acid
  • Instantized to Mix with a Spoonon serious mass comparison


  • Contains Soy, Egg And Milk
  • Contains Gluten
  • Contains Sucrose
  • May Contain Nuts

Who Is It For ?

If your a hard gainer or bodybuilder that is bulking you will require a lot of calories and sometimes it is just not realistic to eat 3500+ calories in whole foods. Especially if you have a very high metabolism, weak appetite and active lifestyle. So this is where Optimum Nutrition’s Serious Mass comes in since serious weight gain goals require serious calories, but not just any calories with 50 grams of protein and 1250 calories per serving (2 scoops) you won’t need to worry about failing to gain muscle mass as long as you couple this with serious weight training to help you develop your physique to the fullest. To achieve this use it between meals, after weight training or before bed to ensure your damaged muscle tissues are repaired ASAP for your next workout.


My Personal Opinion/Review of Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass Weight Gain Powder

Although I’m not a hard gainer I still need a lot of calories while I am bulking on serious mass openedbecause I have a very high metabolism and active lifestyle, which is why I decided to purchase Optimum Nutrition’s Serious Mass after looking at other positive reviews compared to other weight gainers. So after taking this supplement all summer as a meal replacement more than anything else, it not only tastes great, but I also gained 15 pounds of muscle mass. Furthermore, if your worried about still being hungry after taking this shake you shouldn’t be because this fills you up and will hold you over to your next meal (5 – 7 hours).


Where To Buy Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass Weight Gain Powder ?

You can purchase Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass Weight Gain Powder from plenty of bodybuilding stores online as many retailers sell this product since it’s one of the best, but the cheapest place to buy them is directly from amazon.com. Furthermore, delivery is free in certain countries.

Buy It Here: www.amazon.com

If you have anymore questions about the Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass Weight Gain Powder or if you want to leave your own opinion on them please feel free to comment below.

Ready To Gain Some Serious Muscle Mass ?

10 thoughts on “Optimum Nutrition Mass Gainer Review – The Best Mass Gainer Supplement

  1. I’ve been thinking about it for a long time now, that those bodybuilders with bulky chests and muscles, they must be taking some kind of nutrition ordinary people don’t take.

    Now, after reading this review of yours, I now know they certainly eat much more food than most people. I am planning to try bodybuilding out too and this review of Serious Mass is now bookmarked with my PC. Thanks a lot Andrew.

  2. I’ve got a question: Do you know of a supplement for women to tone up belly, butt and thighs but without losing any weight or gaining too much muscle ? I’m already slim enough and really don’t want to be too skinny, but I feel like I could do with toning certain parts of my body up a bit.

    What would you recommend ?

    Thanks in advance,


    1. Hey Hannah,

      If you would like to tone up your abs and legs then the best thing you can do is to properly train those body parts. No supplement can just tone you up like that you will always need to combine it with weight training. Furthermore, don’t be scared about getting to bulky from weight training because that just won’t happen unless your on steroids.

      Good Luck !

  3. Great and meticulous review. I was considering adding gainers to my diet, as I lift weights and find it hard, like you said, to meet my daily calories target and want to bulk up fast. At a whooping 625 quality calories per scope, that would do it ! How do you recommend incorporating ON Serious Mass Weight Gain Powder, knowing that I already use pure whey powder (Golden Whey) ? Should I take a serving of gainer before working out and whey afterwards ?

    Thanks 🙂

    1. You should probably just switch out your protein shakes for the weight gainer and take it both before and after your workout.

  4. Hey Andy,

    Indeed very informative your post is.

    However I have a small concern. Does consuming supplements have anything to do with kidney side affects or it is just a myth ?

    Since I started going to several gyms because of my transferable job, Somebody said that protein supplemetns are beneficial and somebody else addressed it as harmful.

    Please add something on that part too.


    1. If you take too much of any supplement it will harm you, but with protein supplements you look at the recommended dosage on each brand of protein you get, if it doesn’t have a recommended dosage try not to take more than 4 scoops a day because doing so can overburden your liver and lead to serious health issues.

  5. I’m looking for a mass gainer supplement like this, but my concern is that I will add too much fat instead of muscle. Am I right to be worried about that ? Or it isn’t something that usually happens when you are using mass gainers while properly weight training ?

    1. Mass gainers should really only be for people who find it hard to gain weight like ectomorphs or people that burn a lot of calories through there day job (like a construction worker) and are looking to gain some actual size. If you gain weight easily then you probably shouldn’t use mass gainers because they are all extremely dense in calories. If your looking for an alternative whey protein powders have even more protein without all the calories added to it.

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