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Kettlebell Bicep Exercises – It Might Just Be Better Than Dumbbells…

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It’s not often you see people at the gym use kettlebells to train their biceps or any muscle group in fact, most either use dumbbells or barbells and although both are great the kettlebells will provide a different/unique stimulation that cannot be achieved with anything else including machines and cables. To help you get the most out of your bicep training here are 5 kettlebell bicep exercises for new arm growth:

Bottoms-Up Bicep Curls With Kettlebells

To start off your kettlebell bicep training you will be doing the bottoms-up bicep curls that require you to hold the kettlebells from the bottom up instead of the normal handle. By holding the kettlebells like this it will create maximum tension in your biceps because there’s no relaxation and only activation since you’re not able to fully straighten the arms when curling up or down. When performing this exercise remember to keep your shoulders retracted and wrists locked into one position to prevent the weight from falling out of your hands.


Incline Kettlebell Curl

Incline curls are one of the best exercises to fully stretch/overload the biceps and this has been scientifically proven. However, when doing this with dumbbells there isn’t constant tension throughout the movement specifically at the top and bottom of the curl. By changing from dumbbells to kettlebells this problem will be resolved and constant tension will be achieved throughout the exercise resulting in more muscle hypertrophy. When performing this exercise keep the bench at a 45 degree angle and retract your shoulder blades before resting your back onto the bench (just like when you do a bench press).

Kettlebell Hammer Curls

Hammer curls with the kettlebell are much harder than when using dumbbells so make sure you half the amount of weight you’d normally lift with. This variation of the hammer curl will work your forearms much more and keep constant tension on the arms throughout the movement. When performing this exercise remember to keep your back straight, wrist locked in a neutral position and have a slight bend in your knees.

Standing Kettlebell Bicep Curl

The standing bicep curl is the most common arm exercise, but when done with the kettlebells there will be way more tension throughout the movement. Furthermore, due to the kettlebell hanging below the wrists it becomes almost impossible to cheat a rep or swing the weight forcing you to use proper technique during the exercise. When performing this exercise don’t straighten your arms at the bottom of the curl because it may cause you to drop the kettlebells.

standing kettlebell bicep curl

Squatting One Arm Kettlebell Curl

By squatting and resting one of your arms on the side of your inner thigh to perform a curl you’ll gain all the benefits of doing a standing kettlebell curl, but with even more tension at the top of the movement. Additionally, since you’re only doing this one arm at a time you’ll have more focus and an increased mind to muscle connection which often leads to more muscle growth.

In conclusion many bicep exercises that typically use dumbbells or barbells can be easily swapped out for kettlebells to give your arms a different and in some ways a better stimulation/contraction. Lastly, if you have anymore questions about kettlebell bicep exercises then please feel free to leave a comment about it below.

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