Is Dirty Bulking Worth It ? – Find Out Now !

dirty bulk
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When the time comes to bulk for strength and muscle mass many have been convinced that the best way to do this is by a method called “dirty bulking”. Basically a dirty bulk is where you’re not concerned with the quality of foods you are eating and you get to eat as much as you want of whatever you want in hope of taking in enough calories to put on some serious muscle mass.

So Is Dirty Bulking Worth All The Extra Weight Gain ?

Many would say that a dirty bulk is definitely not a good idea and not worth all the extra weight gain, but there is more to it than meets the eye. The dirty bulk is definitely effective in terms of gaining muscle mass, but most of the weight you gain will come from an increase in body fat rather than lean muscle. To really decide if going on a dirty bulk is right for you there are a two things you need to consider first:

Your Body Type

Are you an ectomorph, endomorph or mesomorph ?

body types

If you’re an ectomorph you have a very fast metabolism, a narrow frame and you find it hard to gain weight. So going on a dirty bulk may be very effective for ectomorphs.

On the flip side if you’re an endomorph you have a rather slow metabolism, a pear shaped frame and you struggle with weight loss, so going on a dirty bulk will not be effective for endomorphs due to the sheer amount of fat they’ll gain.

Now mesomorphs are muscular and naturally well built, with a high metabolism and responsive muscle cells. Going on a dirty bulk probably wouldn’t be the best option for a mesomorph because although you gain muscle easily you also gain fat more easily than ectomorphs.

Your Activity Level

How active are you on a day to day basis ? For example if you’re a professional dancer or construction worker then your job is extremely active which means your probably burning a ton of extra calories every day, so going on a dirty bulk is probably the most convenient and effective way to gain weight for extremely active individuals. Not to mention when you weight train at the gym you’ll be burning even more calories.

Now if you have a job where you’re sitting down all day long then going on a dirty bulk wouldn’t be a good idea since your not using that much energy, this may lead to a lot fat gain.

desk job

So depending on your body type and activity level going on a dirty bulk may be effective for muscle gain. To help you make the decision we’ll walk you through the pros and cons of this specific approach:

The Pros

  • It’s very easy to get a lot of calories
  • Cheaper than clean bulking
  • Can be very fun
  • Less stress since you don’t have to think about your diet
  • More convenient
  • Saves a lot of time
  • Strength gains go through the roof

The Cons

  • Decreases your insulin resistance which could hinder muscle growth
  • Very easy to put on too much fat (when your body’s cells become used to storing fat, they cling on to any new fat gains easily)
  • It isn’t very healthy
  • You may feel sluggish and tired

To sum up going on a dirty bulk may not be the best option when it comes to gaining pure muscle mass, so the best thing to do when bulking is have around 60% of your calories coming from nutrient dense whole foods and the other 40% from junk foods. You should be careful not to eat too many calories over your surplus no matter what type of bulk your doing because you don’t want to get too fat since you’ll just have to spend a longer time cutting it all down again.

If you have anymore questions about dirty bulking or if you’ve tried it, how have your results been ? Let us know in the comments down below.

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