I Keep Cheating On My Diet – Find Out Why And 4 Ways To Stop It

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Cheating on your diet is extremely common because when it comes to eating healthy temptation is everywhere. In fact cheating on your diet once in a while can actually be a good thing, but when it happens every other day it can lead to serious weight gain and affect your relationship with food.


Why Do You Keep Cheating On Your Diet ?

There are two main reasons as to why people cheat on their diet constantly, the first is by following an extreme weight loss plan where your not allowed to eat much of anything and the second is by following a very strict diet plan where you constantly think about the foods you can/can’t have.

Both extreme weight loss and strict diet plans just don’t work because it isn’t sustainable. Extreme weight loss plans might work well the first 2 weeks, but after that because you dropped your calories down so far you’ve crashed your metabolism and hit a weight loss plateau. You might persevere and try to stay on the diet, but because you’re not losing anymore weight you eventually give up and start binging on everything you see since you’ve been deprived of food for so long.

On the other hand strict diet plans could work if your willing to take small steps, but if you just jump right into it without the necessary steps needed it simply won’t work. This is because you tried to make such a drastic change so fast that it becomes impossible for you (mentally) and your body to cope with them. Like the extreme weight loss plan, you might persevere for a while and stay on the strict diet, but eventually because the diet plan is so strict with so many rules you end up cheating on your diet.

If you’ve been binging/cheating on your diet constantly then it’s time to stop your diet for good or else you’ll be in even worse shape than when you started. Now if you don’t have this problem, just make sure you stay far far away from extreme weight loss plans and take the required steps to ease yourself in following a strict diet plan. For example if your cutting carbohydrates from your diet completely then lower your carb intake gradually by like 50 grams a week until you feel like you can go without it for good. Although, if your goal is to lose weight strict diet plans isn’t usually the best way to go about this. Here’s a better option for sustainable and healthy weight loss: Click Here For More

If you’re not currently following an extreme weight loss plan or very strict diet plan where your cutting out whole food groups, but you still find yourself constantly cheating on your diet then here are 4 top tips to help you stay on track:

1. Eat More Protein

If you always feel hungry during your diet and end up cheating because you never feel satisfied with your meals then you may not be eating enough protein. Eating more protein when you’re trying to lose weight is very important because it helps preserve muscle mass and keep you satiated. So to make sure you are eating enough protein aim to consume at least 1.2 grams of protein for every pound of your body weight daily.

high protein foods


2. Stay Hydrated

It’s very common that mild dehydration is often mistaken for hunger. So instead of grabbing a snack and cheating on your diet you should be drinking more water. When you stay hydrated it can do a lot to help with your hunger cravings because when you consume water your stomach expands which sends a signal to your brain that you’re full. To prevent dehydration make sure you get at least 3 litres (for women) – 4 litres (for men) of water in during the day and if you workout then you should be drinking even more.



3. Take Out Temptation

Taking out temptation simply means to remove all junk and bad foods from your house. When you start your diet you might have leftover pizza in your fridge and junk food in the cabinets. Once you remove these foods from your house you won’t be tempted to cheat on your diet even if you wanted too because there’s nothing to cheat on.

saturated fat foods


4. Make Your Food Delicious

People seem to think that because they are on a diet the food they eat must also be bland and unappealing. This is a common misconception, but making your healthy diet foods more appealing and tasty will prevent the urge to cheat. If you keep cheating on your diet because you hate the taste of healthy foods then it’s time to learn how to cook with different seasonings and sauces. It’s easier than you think and with so many healthy recipes online all you have to do is search it up on google.

salmon with chips

Hopefully these tips will help you overcome temptations and stop you cheating on your diet. Also remember if you start a strict diet plan make sure you take small steps first to ease yourself into it and stay away from extreme weight loss plans at all costs.

If you have anymore questions about diet and cheating on it then leave a comment below.

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