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How To Warm Up For A Workout – The Best Full Body Warmup Routine

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If you’re not getting warmed up before you train this will increase the risk of injury because starting out cold is the quickest path to an underwhelming performance. Another common mistake is to just gloss over your warmup where it does nothing to increase your body temperature or warmup the joints. Remember, warming up is extremely important for safety/optimised performance where it should fully prepare your mind and body for action.

To help you avoid a poor warmup here is a simple full body warmup routine that you can do anywhere without any equipment.

Arm Circles

To start your warmup off properly you will begin by doing arm circles, this will loosen your shoulders and rotator cuffs. Begin by putting your arms straight out to the side and start by making smaller circles, once you’ve done 10 reps move onto big sized circles for another 10 reps. Do this both ways clockwise and anticlockwise.

arm circles

Wrist Rotations

The wrists are often forgotten when it comes to your warmup, so this movement will get your wrists warmed up and flexible for what’s to come. Simply start by interlacing your fingers and rotate your wrists for 20 reps to the left then 20 reps to the right.

wrist rotation

Neck Circles

Doing neck circles will loosen your neck so that you don’t strain it during your workout. Start by dropping your chin to the collar bone and roll your head to one shoulder then up towards the ceiling and back to your opposite shoulder, do this for 10 reps both clockwise and anticlockwise. Make sure you keep this at a very slow pace so that you don’t hyperextend your neck.

neck circles

Shoulder Rotations

Stand with your back straight against a wall and bring both your arms up to a 90 degree angle to the side of your body, your elbows will also need to be flexed at a 90 degree angle. Once in position rotate your shoulder with the palm facing upwards for 15 reps and then with your palm facing downwards for another 15 reps.

shoulder rotation

Upward Dog

Start off in a high plank posture with your hands pressing the ground and roll your pelvis forward, now retract your shoulder blades and hold this position for 2 seconds. Move back into the high plank position and do this for 1o reps, this movement will stretch your spine and lower back.

upward dog

Leg Swings

Simply swing one of your legs back and forth for 12 reps to get your hips, legs and waist loosened. You can hold onto something if you don’t have great balance when standing on one leg, remember to do this for both legs.

leg swings

Prayer Squat

Get into the squatting position then put your elbows inbetween your legs and hold your palms against each other like in a prayer. Remember to put your chest out, this will improve your hip mobility and also force your knees out during the squat. Stay in this position for 30 seconds.

prayer squat

Once you complete this warmup don’t forget to do some warm up sets before your actual workout. For example if you’re doing back squats then warm up by doing 10 reps of squats with just an empty bar, then gradually increase the weight until you feel ready to get into your working sets. Never go straight into your working sets because that will almost always cause an injury.

To sum up by following this warmup routine you will improve your performance in the gym/decrease your risk of injury because it promotes blood flow and readies your heart for more intense work. Hopefully this has been helpful and if you have anymore questions about warmups then feel free to leave a comment down below.

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