How To Lean Bulk – A Simple 3 Step Guide To Do It Effectively

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Dirty bulking is very popular nowadays because many people believe that the only way to gain a bunch of lean muscle mass is by getting fat and then cutting down to show of that beach body physique, but unfortunately the truth is that adding a large amount of fat can become detrimental for your progress in the long term. This is because the fat that you have gained will need to come off eventually and the more fat you have the longer you’ll need to cut so what’s the point of putting it on in the first place. Furthermore, the longer you cut the higher the chance of the muscle you worked so hard for being lost.

dirty bulk


The key to lean bulking is that you already have to be lean first (under 15% body fat) to start, remember if your over that body fat percentage you should cut down (lose weight) first. The goal for lean bulking is to gain muscle mass and to keep fat gain to the minimum, anyone that says you won’t gain any fat from lean bulking is telling a lie because when your bulking you will put on a little bit of fat no matter what you do or try. Although, the amount of fat is dependent on your caloric surplus so that’s why you only keep the surplus enough to build muscle, but not enough to store fat.

Macros For A Lean Bulk

If your unsure what macros are: Read This Article First

Protein: About a gram per pound of bodyweight in protein. For example if your 200 pounds like me then you need to take in 200 grams of protein. Taking in this much amount of protein can be tough so to make it easier for yourself using whey protein supplements will ensure you never miss out on any gains. Click Here For The Best Whey Protein Powder Money Can Buy !

Fats: This will really depend on you because some people can take in more fats without getting fat and others can’t. So play around with your fats if you’re not sure, but when you do try to stay on the lower side when you start at around 40 grams of fats for females and 60 grams of fats for males. If you know you have a very high metabolism then you should bump up your fats as your carbs also go up just to get a good calorie surplus for muscle gain.

Carbs: Similar to your fats just slowly increase your carbs as you go further into your lean bulk.


How Much Weight Should You Gain ?

If your new to lifting then you should probably gain around 2.2 pounds/1 kg a month. Make sure you track your progress by taking pictures to ensure your fat gain is at a minimum and that you’re putting on muscle mass.

For intermediate and advanced lifters (have been bodybuilding for 2-3 years consistently) you’ll be lucky to gain 2-3 pounds of muscle a year, but it all depends on your genetics. So try to gain around 1 pound/0.5 kg a month and also take progress pictures.


How To Know Your Making Progress

1. Is your weight going up because if the scale isn’t going up you’re not making any gains ! If it’s going up too fast your putting on unnecessary fat. Make sure that as you increase your calories your weight on the scale should also be going up incrementally week by week.



2. Your strength in each of your lifts, strength and muscle size has a direct correlation so if you’re not getting any stronger then your not making any gains. For example your not going to see someone with no lats being able to do heavy weighted pull-ups.

If you have anymore questions about bulking then leave a comment below !

12 thoughts on “How To Lean Bulk – A Simple 3 Step Guide To Do It Effectively

  1. You pose some valid points. I wanted to be a competitive bodybuilder in my late teens which died out in my adult years.

    Up until this point I have been building a website that has made me rather inactive and begin developing acute back pains.

    So I decided to get into physical activities and each week I go for two jogs, two sessions of strength training incorporating exercises like push-ups, sit-ups etc.

    I also perform static stretches to cool off. Do you know if static stretching with exercise will slowly dispel back pain and enhance flexibility?

    1. Static stretches during your cool off can definitely help get rid of your back pain if you do it everyday. So remember to stay consistent with it.

  2. This is really useful info. I didnt realise that you can only really start to gain muscle mass if your body has 15% body fat.
    No wonder why I have never always been successful.

  3. Great job Andrew this article has really helped me and I’m really reconsidering carrying on with this dirty bulk. Since it represents a lot of valid points and some good pictures. Keep up the good work !

  4. Great knowledge here, I know that muscle weighs more than fat so I kid myself that adding weight whilst I’m training is a good thing !

    Is it best to lose unwanted fat with cardiovascular exercise first before hitting the weights or combining a HIIT program with a weight resistance program?

  5. Fantastic article! It’s an interesting perspective to lose weight first instead of just bulking up and hoping to cut fat later.

    I am lucky in that respect at being skinny not having to worry about fat. My gym buddy is struggling with excess fat, though, and I will refer him to read this article.

  6. Hi there Andrew,

    Great site and highly informative article, thanks for sharing it with us.

    I have just started going to the gym and to put it honestly I am one of the lucky few who has a lot of muscle under the lard! I’m around 75kg and bench can bench press 105kg, barbell curl 60kg. Crunchies with 95kg..but I do need to drop about 7-10kg to look ripped and not obese (a lot of the fat is belly fat). How and where do I get started?

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