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How To Improve Mobility – 5 Proven Methods To Increase Your Mobility !

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Improving your mobility won’t only help with weight lifting, but any kind of physical activity you plan on doing and if you’re new to it you’ll be surprised at how much it can help. However, many people confuse stretching with mobility work and it’s not hard to see why. When you stretch a muscle that’s all it focuses on, but when you do mobility work it focuses on a wide arrange of things that influence performance such as your muscles, ligaments, tendons, soft tissue, joints etc.

Now that you understand how mobility can improve your physical performance here are 5 proven methods to help you increase your full body mobility:

Lacrosse Ball

A lacrosse ball is great for targeting specific areas that is hard to dig into like the feet, arms, shoulder blades, lower back and hamstrings. To use the ball effectively it’s best for you to be lying on the floor so that you can place more pressure to the places you want to focus on. It might be quite painful at first, but the pain will subside after a good few minutes of rolling that area with the ball.

lacrosse ball

The 10-Minute Squat

Sounds simple, but the 10-minute squat is extremely effective at fixing lower body mobility problems that get in the way of proper squatting. When doing this try to keep your feet pointed straight to prevent your knees from caving in and if you start to feel pain just press your knees back to a vertical position then go back into the squat when you feel ready. Do this every 30 days to keep your lower body more mobilised.

prayer squat

Foam Roller

Foam rolling can help improve your flexibility/mobility and you use it in the exact same way as the lacrosse ball. However, when choosing a foam roller make sure that it’s reasonably dense because if it’s too hard you’ll end up doing more harm than good and if it’s too soft it won’t be effective.

foam roller

Shoulder Rotations

Shoulder rotations will help with many movements such as the over head press, deadlift and barbell rows because it greatly improves the mobility of your shoulder blades/scapula.

To perform it either stand with your back straight against a wall or lie on the floor and bring both your arms up to a 90 degree angle to the side of your body, your elbows will also need to be flexed at a 90 degree angle. Once in position rotate your shoulder with the palm facing upwards for 15 reps and then with your palm facing downwards for another 15 reps.

shoulder rotation

The Superfrog

This exercise is probably going to be the most painful, but it will help open up your groin while improving the mobility of your glutes and hips. To begin lay down on the floor and abduct your hips while keeping a slight bend in both of your knees, now place a 45lb plate on the end of one of your knees and keep it there for 2 minutes. Do this for both sides.

the superfrog

Everyone is different and you’ll need to find out which part of your body needs the most mobility work before implementing any of the methods mentioned above. Once you’re at the gym see what you’re struggling with, then work on those specific elements with targeted mobility work. This will help improve your workouts and performance so that you reach your health/fitness goals just a little faster.

If you have anymore questions about mobility then please feel free to leave a comment below about it.

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