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How To Improve Deadlift – 6 Simple Tips For An Improved Deadlift !

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There’s no doubt that the deadlift is the king of compound movements and the greatest strength exercise. It works virtually your entire body and is one of the best exercises for building a thick and wide back even though it’s not a conventional upper back exercise.   However, it’s definitely one of the hardest exercises to perform and one that many get wrong so here are 6 simple tips you can implement today to improve your deadlifts:

#1 Perfect Your Form

If you don’t perfect your deadlift form there’s no point in reading about any other tips because those will only be effective when your deadlift form is perfect. Without doing the deadlift with proper form you’ll greatly increase your chances of an injury and struggle with adding more weight to the bar.

To help you perfect your form here’s a step by step guide on how to correctly do the deadlift: To start your feet need to be shoulder width apart and your shins need to be close to the bar. Place your hands on the bar just outside of your feet and ensure you keep it even on both sides (use the lines on the bar as a guideline). MAKE SURE your starting posture is you sitting back in to it with your bum stuck out, chest out, shoulders held back and head up. This will help you keep a neutral spine throughout the whole motion. Now drive through your legs first and not your back if you don’t want to injure yourself.


#2 Improve Lower Body Mobility By Warming Up Properly

If you’re not very active during the day and spend most of it sitting in a chair then this will often cause your hamstrings, hips and glutes to be very stiff. This in turn reduces your lower body and upper body mobility making it very difficult to deadlift to the best of your ability.


To fix this all you have to do is implement a proper lower body focused warm up before doing your deadlifts to loosen you up. For An Effective Lower Body Warm Up Routine Click Here

#3 Train Your Forearms And Grip Strength

Having a weak grip strength makes the bar harder to hold and the entire deadlift feel much heavier than it actually is. If you don’t keep continually striving to improve your grip strength your deadlifts will only go so far, in fact the biggest reason as to why people fail to hit the last couple reps of their deadlifts is because of weak forearms/grip strength since the forearms will give out much sooner than any other muscle.

forearm anatomy

Check Out This Article If You Want To Increase Your Grip Strength

#4 Do The Deadlifts First Before Any Other Exercise

It’s fairly simple whatever exercise you want to progress the most at you should begin your workouts with it because compound lifts like the deadlift requires many muscle groups to perform, so if you begin your workouts performing T-Bar Rows and Pull-Ups before doing deadlifts your lats, upper and lower back will be more fatigued making it harder to deadlift to the best of your ability.


#5 Keep The Rep Ranges Between 1-5

If you want to improve your deadlift strength then going over 5 reps doesn’t make sense. When focusing on maximising your strength you should lift heavier loads for just 1-5 reps, but make sure you slow each rep down because it helps improve your deadlift technique over time.

#6 Take Your Shoes Off

Shoes make you 1-2 inches taller and that means the bar has to travel farther reducing deadlift performance. Furthermore, deadlifting barefoot allows you to sit back on your heels more helping engage the glutes/hamstrings to a better degree improving overall performance and your technique.

shoes off

By following these 6 tips there’s no doubt that your deadlifts will improve and if you have anymore questions about the deadlifts then leave a comment below.

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