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How To Get Ripped Quick – Making The Impossible Possible

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Most men would ideally like to have a muscular and ripped physique, but few are willing to do the work to achieve it. Luckily for you here are a few things that will make the process of getting ripped quicker and easier, but what does being ripped actually mean ? being ripped is having a low body fat percentage (around 8-11%) or a low body fat content proportional to your weight.


Carb Cycling

Carbohydrates provide you with energy so it’s important to know when/how to tap into this energy source or else getting ripped will become a much longer and harder process. This is where carb cycling comes in, if you want to get ripped while maintaining your lean muscle mass you just need to eat more carbs on heavy training days and fewer on light training days/rest days. The faster you want to get ripped the fewer high carb days you can have. It is essentially as simple as that, but if you would like a step by step guide on how to plan and start carb cycling: Read This Article

Focus On Doing Compound Exercises

You may know that working out hard is also an integral part to helping you burn fat, but if your working out very hard with the wrong exercises then you won’t be burning anywhere near as many calories as you should be. So for the most part you should focus on compound exercises which give your large muscle groups a total workout. Furthermore, while doing these exercises you must remember to lift more weight or reps of each exercise weekly to ensure you’re getting stronger and stimulating muscle growth. To help you get started here are the three most important compound exercises that increase overall strength and muscle growth:

The Deadlift

If you want to have a stunning physique and lose weight quickly then deadlifts would be the best exercise to turn too, especially if your a beginner lifter. The deadlift is the king of compound movements and the greatest strength exercise. Seriously, this exercise will have you gasping for air as it literally uses your entire body and focuses on your lats, glutes, hamstrings and lower back.


The Squat

The squat is an invaluable addition to your weight loss regiment and an exercise you should not do without working the glutes, hamstrings, quads and lower back. Once again this exercise includes your legs so it has to be in your routine if you’re trying to lose weight since the legs are the largest muscles in your body and also burn the most calories during/after your workout.


The Bench Press

Probably the most famous exercise but, for a good reason. The bench press will help develop your upper body strength and power using mainly your chest and triceps with a bit of your shoulders also involved within the movement. Since the bench press uses three muscle groups to perform it will also burn a lot of calories. 

bench press

The Correct Use Of Supplements

Although supplements are not necessary taking them will still greatly improve the speed at which you will get ripped.

Whey Protein Powders: If you want to keep the muscle you have built while getting ripped then having a high protein diet is a must to prevent you from losing those gains. Most of the time trying to eat so much actual food that contain high protein is very expensive and hard, so taking whey protein powders will ensure that you always hit your daily protein goal no matter what. For more on how taking whey protein can help with muscle growth: Read This Article

Creatine Monohydrate: Creatine increases the amount of creatine storage in your muscles and nerves by up to 40%, once you combine this with strength training you will get more protein syntheses in the muscle. For a full explanation on creatine and it’s benefits: Click Here

Pre Workouts: Lifting heavy weight especially after a low carb day can be very tough. So if you need a boost of energy taking a pre-workout can help you maintain your strength, speed and the power needed to push yourself through the toughest of workouts: Click Here For One Of The Most Effective Pre-Workouts Out Now

If you have anymore questions about getting ripped then leave a comment below.

12 thoughts on “How To Get Ripped Quick – Making The Impossible Possible

  1. Great recommendations Andrew.

    As a fitness enthusiast, I can definitely say that those recommendations you made are simple and straightforward. I think I need some guidance on how to treat my rest days and what needs to be done for optimal recovery. I focus a lot on sleep quality and I’m also interested in whether or not any of the supplements mentioned help to boost the body’s normal repair rates while sleeping. Can you shed some light ?

    1. Creatine helps your body repair both when your sleeping and awake, whey protein is just a protein supplement, but if the brand you buy contains BCAAs that will help with recovery too. Pre-Workouts normally contain creatine and BCAAs, another supplement you should take is fish oils. For more on fish oils check this post out: Best Fish Oil Supplement Reviews.

  2. I have just recently gone to the hospital and my doctor told me that my body fat percentage was too high for my age and weight so he suggested that I needed to lower it by any means, but my problem was that i don’t know how to do it and then comes this post that has helped me soo much. 🙂

    Thanks !



  3. Yes, I have been working hard with a trainer and I have been SUPER sore, to put it mildly, on my off days. Is there any supplements I can take to help alleviate this soreness ? I am getting ready to head to the gym now (last session was Wednesday) and frankly I don’t know that I will be able to do anything because my legs feel stiff, tight and way to sore.

    1. Hey Leah,

      All the supplements that was mentioned above should help with your soreness, but if you can’t wait then either go and get a massage or foam roll your sore body parts. If your gym doesn’t have any foam rollers then you can get one from

  4. Thank you for this insight, Andrew. I’m a freerunner and have never actually been to the gym to lift weights, nor do I lift weights in generally unless it’s my own body weight. Would you suggest any of these exercises to someone who does my sport, freerunning?

    The reason I ask is because I don’t want to get ripped per say, but just get strong enough to be useful if you know what I mean.

    1. Hey Joeka,

      Doing all 3 on those compound exercises will definitely help with free running, since it will improve you core and overall strength and allow you to leap from longer distances because your legs are much stronger.

  5. Hey, thanks for writing this.

    I have been weight training for around 5 years now. Although I put a lot of muscle mass on initially, I have plateaued for the past 3 years so I am always looking for different strategies to help beat the plateau.

    I am definitely going to give some of your suggestions a go. Hopefully they will take me to the next level.

    I will let you know how it goes !

  6. Hi there,

    I’ve been struggling for years trying to get my abs to show, but it never really worked. I have lost weight all right. I have done similar exercises like you’re suggesting: Deadlift, Squats, but I’m doing pushups instead of bench press.

    Maybe it is something in my nutrition. I tend to put sugar in my coffee a lot. Do you have any suggestions for me ?

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