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How To Get A Wider Back – The Secret To Building A Thick Back *Revealed*

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Building a great back from the top to bottom is maybe one of the hardest things to do unless you have crazy good back genetics. If you want complete back development your gonna have to work your back from several angles from the inside to the outside and the best way to do this is by understanding each of the muscles included within your back because that will greatly improve your mind to muscle connection when performing any exercise which results in more muscle gains.

The Backback anatomy

The back contains 3 main muscle groups and they are the lats, traps and rhomboids. The lats are critically important if you want to build width side to side on your back and they contain 4 individual muscle groups. The traps contain 3 individual muscle groups the upper, middle and lower traps. Lastly, the rhomboids are a deep muscle and lie underneath your traps that can only be seen if you’re very lean.

Now that you understand what muscles make up the back here is a brilliant routine for you to try that will hit every single part of your back to ensure it becomes fully developed, but remember you must also be eating the right foods and getting enough rest to allow the muscle to repair/grow bigger. Ensure you choose the right weight to use when performing these exercises so that you actually feel each part of the back working or else you’re just wasting your time.


Pull-ups are a compound exercise that work the pull muscles in your body. They work a variety of muscles, but mainly the lats and traps with a bit of your biceps, triceps and chest also involved within the movement. Place your hands shoulder width apart on the pull-up bar and literally pull yourself up until your chin is above the bar.

3 Sets 10-12 Reps

1 Minute 30 Second Rest Inbetween Each Set



The king of compound movements and the greatest strength exercise. The deadlift works your lats, lower back, abs, glutes, hamstrings and calves. Your feet need to be shoulder width apart and your shins need to be close to the bar. Place your hands on the bar just outside of your feet and ensure you keep it even on both sides (use the lines on the bar as a guideline). MAKE SURE your starting posture is you sitting back in to it with your bum stuck out, chest out, shoulders held back and head up. This will help you keep a neutral spine throughout the whole motion. Now drive through your legs first and not your back if you don’t want to injure yourself. P.S. wearing a weight lifting belt will help you lift more weight and lower the risk of your back being injured.

3 Sets 8-10 Reps

2 Minute Rest Inbetween Each Set


Dumbbell Pull-overs

This is great for the back, but also works the chest. This will hit all 4 of your muscle groups in your lats because of the long range of motion required in the movement. Begin by laying flat on a bench while holding a dumbbell over your chest with your arms extended and elbows slightly bent. Once in place lower the dumbbell behind your head without touching the floor and repeat.

3 Sets 10-12 Reps

2 Minutes Rest Inbetween Each Set

dumbbell pullovers

Bent Over Barbell Row

This may be the best rowing exercise ever for your back as it hits the lats, rhomboids, traps, upper back and even the rear delts. Grab the bar just outside of shoulder width and bend over at a 45 degrees angle, now pull the barbell up towards your upper abs. The lower you pull the more the lats will be engaged and the higher you pull (don’t pull anywhere higher than above your upper abs) the more the traps, upper back and rear delts will be engaged.

3 Sets 10-12 Reps

2 Minutes Rest Inbetween Each Set

bent over barbell row

T-Bar Row (Close Grip)

This will build massive thickness in the back and hits your lats, traps and rhomboids. Stand with a wide stance and bend over at a 45 degree angle, pull the bar all the way up towards your chest/lower abs and then all the way back down.

3 Sets 10-12 Reps

2 Minutes Rest Inbetween Each Set

t-bar row

Back days are probably the second most challenging after leg day since your working out many muscle groups at once and if you’re feeling too tired or unmotivated then you won’t get the most out of the back workout. So if you need help getting more energy and motivation this may be of benefit to you: For More Click Here

Do this routine once every four days to get a thick and wide back. If you have any other suggestions for effective back exercises or questions to do with the back please feel free to leave a comment down below.

10 thoughts on “How To Get A Wider Back – The Secret To Building A Thick Back *Revealed*

  1. Great information to start off with. I would like to work out and build up my body so this was a useful post to read. I would like to keep to this routine that you have laid out. Do you have a chart on your site where you can check your progress?

    1. Unfortunately there is no chart to check your own progress on this site, but there are many apps such as MyFitnessPal where you can track your progress.

  2. Nice, clear article. I’m particularly a fan of compound movements as I believe these build real strength, are better overall and when done at intensity can shorten the length of the workout. The exercises you mention are all staples and good when your in the gym. I also make use of dumbbell rows as I find these easy to do particularly when I can’t get to the gym.

    1. Dumbbells rows are also a great back exercise, but I don’t do them because I never feel a proper contraction in my lats.

  3. I love working out the back it is my favourite muscle group by far. Usually I focus on the T bar row, dumbell pull-overs and pull ups. I only do deadlifts and bent over barbell row when I have someone spotting me so I use the correct posture while completing the exercise. Do you believe in loading up the weights or focusing on less weight and control/isolation of muscles being the focus?

    1. Using the right weight where you are able to at least do 8-10 reps with perfect form Is what I believe in. So control/isolation of muscles is the main focus always in bodybuilding unless you want to become a powerlifter then load up the weighttts.

  4. Hey, Great article! Really helpful content, today is back day and i’m going to give these exercises a try, but is there something else to replace with deadlifts since I’m worried about my back and don’t want to get injured because I’ve seen lots of people who get injured from deadlifts, Thank you 🙂

    1. If you really can’t do deadlifts then I would recommend you to add some rack pulls and reverse grip lat pulldowns to your routine. Hope these help :).

  5. This post has lots of valuable information on a subject that many people are interested in.

    I like to attend the gym 3-4 times per week but I never work my back. I had a minor injury last year caused by a car crash and so I only really do chest, legs and cardio.

    I would like to try these exercises but what steps should I take to make sure I don’t cause more damage to my back?


    1. I really am unsure of how bad your back injury is, but if you want to prevent any further injury to your back I would suggest you learn how to perform each and every one of these exercises with perfect form before you add a significant amount of weight. You should buy a weight lifting belt and some foam rollers for your back as these will help tremendously with your injury.

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