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How To Get A Good Pump At The Gym – 5 Easy Tips To Get The Most Amazing Muscle Pump Ever

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Getting a good pump is one of the most important aspects to weight lifting because simply put it means that your muscle tissues have been stretched/broken down which leads to more muscle gains, not to mention it makes you feel amazing especially when you hit your show muscles (arms, chest and shoulders).

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Achieving a great pump at the gym should always be one of the goals you shoot for during a workout (along with progressive overload). So with these 5 tips you’re going to be able to get the most amazing muscle pumps ever !

1. Eat More Carbs

If your muscles aren’t filled with glycogen (stored carbohydrates) then there’s no way you’ll be able to get an insane muscle pump because as your body pulls carbs into the muscle cell it’s also going to be pulling in water and without enough glycogen your muscles will also be low on water, so since your body is low on both glycogen and water it makes it extremely hard to get a good pump.

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Are You On A Low Carb Diet ?

If you’re on a low carb diet the best thing you can do is eat the majority of your carbs before and after your training sessions, this should help you get a better pump.

2. Take Creatine Monohydrate

Creatine adds water to your muscles and more water in your muscles means that you get an enhanced pump, but it won’t only help you get a better pump it will also help the muscles recover quicker and allow you to workout longer.

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3. Decrease Your Rest Times

If you rest any longer than 90 seconds inbetween your sets then the less likely you’ll be able to get a good pump. Decreasing your rest times means that your blood has no choice, but to stay in the muscle and continue to build as the workout progresses leading to that feeling of  ‘the pump’. Just avoid resting less than 30 seconds so that you won’t have to use lighter weights, the perfect medium would be to rest between 45-60 seconds.

4. Add Supersets/Dropsets

Supersets involve a combination of 2-3 exercises that either work the same body part or opposing muscle groups done back to back with no rest inbetween, once you finish the first set of all the exercises then rest for no longer than 2 minutes and hit it again for the amount of sets you’re supposed to do.

Drop sets are done within the final set of the exercise using the same weight as before, but instead of doing your normal rep range you do as many reps as possible then “drop” the weight and do as many reps as possible, then drop the weight one last time and rep it out until failure. The whole point of a drop set is to take your muscles beyond failure.

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Both supersets and dropsets increase the blood flow to the working muscles as fatigue builds up, strengthening the effect of the pump with each set. These two techniques will force so much blood into your muscles that they feel like they might explode.

5. Get 7-8 Hours Of Sleep

If you’re not getting at least 7 hours of sleep per night then your muscles and CNS (Central Nervous System) will not be fully recovered. This lack of recovery will adversely affect your workouts and the ability for you to get a good pump.

By following these 5 tips getting a good muscle pump at the gym every time you train is pretty much guaranteed, oh and don’t forget to hit a few poses in the mirror once you get that pump.

If you have anymore questions about ‘the pump’ then please leave a comment down below.

8 thoughts on “How To Get A Good Pump At The Gym – 5 Easy Tips To Get The Most Amazing Muscle Pump Ever

  1. This is really cool. I’ve been looking for ways and tips on how to maximize my body and time in the gym. I used to get so frustrated because I would almost spend 2 hours in the gym lifting weights, but barely see any muscle gains. However, now I see where I went wrong. I don’t eat enough carbs and definitely don’t get enough sleep at night. Great article Andrew, I am for sure going to implement this into my workouts.

  2. Great post !

    I struggle with getting a pump in the gym. I like how you tell us we need more sleep and more carbs, so many people aren’t getting enough sleep and are cutting out carbs completely. I think your post would be even better if you could include more tips xxx

  3. As a frequent gym visitor I LOVE the PUMP ! I’ll admit though I was surprised to see “More Carbs” as an important contributor to muscle growth. I feel like so many fitness nuts are avoiding carbs and maximizing protein. What percent of your daily calories are protein, carb and fat ? I’ll see how your numbers compare to mine and make some tweaks to my diet and observe results.

  4. I love the tips ! Something you may want to elaborate on is the incorporation of Manual Resistance Exercises. I do these with clients often. It puts me, their trainer, in a leveraged position to control how quickly they can move through a motion. I normally only do 1-2 reps with them, and after 2 reps, they can’t do anymore. Bicep curls are great because I get to use my body weight to make the 1-2 reps very difficult. Each rep lasts 10 seconds or longer.

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