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How To Fix Muscle Imbalances – 3 Techniques You Can Implement Today !

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If your trying to build a symmetrical physique sometimes after a few months of training you might not realise it at first, but when you look in the mirror your stronger side seems to be bigger than the other. Or perhaps when bench pressing you notice that one side pushes the weight up before the other. If your goal is to build a balanced and proportional physique then these differences in muscle size/function can slow down or even reverse your progress in some extreme cases and create some serious injuries. Luckily for you it’s still not too late to fix these imbalances so if you implement these 3 techniques straight away into your training then it is guaranteed that you’ll have no more strength/size imbalances.

Increase The Volume For Size Imbalances

For your smaller side you should increase the total volume it does, but obviously not so much to where you over-train and cannot recover properly since that won’t benefit your either. When you do this it is better to add more volume by incorporating more sets rather than doing more reps or else you won’t be able to maintain lifting heavier weight loads. Adding more volume to your smaller side will allow it to grow and catch up to your stronger side.

uneven chest

Doing more volume can be quite tough if your not used to it, so if you need a boost of energy and endurance for your training then taking a pre-workout can help you maintain your strength, speed and the power needed to push yourself through the toughest of workouts: Click Here For One Of The Most Effective Pre-Workouts Out Now

Start Using More Dumbbells/Single-Sided Exercises

The most important technique to implement out of anything else listed would be this one because your muscle imbalances most likely stemmed from neglecting to do dumbbell/single arm work and doing too many bilateral movements (where both limbs are working in unison to move a specific load).

heavy dumbbells held

To fix this the first thing that you can do is add more dumbbells and single sided exercises to your routine. So for every bilateral movement in your routine there should be 2 isolateral (when you have one hand on each dumbbell and you move each at a different time) or unilateral (when you move each dumbbell at the same time) movements, doing this will help you isolate one side of your body and control the total training stimulus enabling the weaker side to catch up in size/strength of the stronger side.

For Strength Imbalances Use Heavier Weight

When dealing with strength imbalances the best way to fix it is by lifting the same amount of weight on your stronger side and progressively allowing your weaker side to catch up. Using only single arm and dumbbell exercises are key for this because doing bilateral movements before will pre exhaust the weaker side. Make sure that you don’t increase the weight of your stronger side until the weaker side catches up and don’t use lighter weight for your stronger side unless you want to lose strength.

strength imbalance

To conclude following and implementing these 3 techniques will definitely fix your strength or size imbalance, but before you start… if your issue is a size imbalance then you should double-check by asking someone else for their opinion since what you see in the mirror can at times be completely different to what people see in real life.

If you have anymore questions or need help fixing these muscular imbalances then leave a comment below.

8 thoughts on “How To Fix Muscle Imbalances – 3 Techniques You Can Implement Today !

  1. I have tried going to the gym a few times in my life and have found muscle imbalances to be a problem for me.

    I like how you describe using single arm dumbbell exercises will help fix this problem by allowing the weaker side to catch up to the stronger side.

    I will try this technique out when I get back to working out.

  2. I had this problem a year ago. My right arm could push a lot more weight than my left and then I met an amazing person (very much like you) who taught me to use dumbells. Since using dumbells, I have been able to get the strength of my left side as strong as my right. However, he did not tell me to raise the volume of what I am doing and starting tomorrow morning my left side is going to be doing a lot more repetitions.

  3. Good piece of advice that is very relevant to my training. I always find myself stronger in the right side, regardless of shoulder press or dumbbell row or bench press.

    I do use the same weight of dumbbell for both sides, but didn’t know I should do more volume for the other weaker side. I’ll go ahead and change my workout routine now, thanks for your advice !

  4. Great article Andrew!

    My rear delts have seriously needed work for quite some time, but I’ve neglected to focus on them for quite some time. This led to muscle growth of my front shoulders and traps, but the rear delts needed work.

    I’ll be integrating your advice in my regimen.

    Thanks and keep up the good work man !

    1. Hey Paulo,

      Your rear delts will be in proportion to your traps and front shoulders very soon if you keep at it.

      Good luck and if you need any help you can always contact me here: Contact Me

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