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How To Burn Extra Calories – Easy Everyday Things You Can Do To Burn More Calories

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Many of you would love to burn a few extra calories out of the gym so that you can eat more and still keep a healthy weight or lose a few extra pounds. There really are a handful of ways to increase your energy expenditure (without going to the gym). Especially these five that have been chosen are the most effortless and seamless for you to implement them into your everyday life, helping you burn a few extra calories to over a couple 100 extra calories depending on how long and often you do them in your day.

Drink Black Coffee

Coffee contains zero calories and only when you add all the sugar/cream containing 100 and upwards of 500 calories is when it becomes bad for you. It has been proven that caffeine increases the speed at which you burn calories and suppresses your hunger for longer so that you will eat less during the day.

coffee beans

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Take The Stairs

Instead of using the elevator, take the stairs because each flight of stairs you climb you will burn around 5-20 calories depending on your weight. So if you walk up and down at least 10 flights of stairs a day that’s already an extra 100-400 calories burned.


Drink More Water

Drinking more water is probably one of the most effective things you can do since 60% of the human body is water. Being dehydrated will cause your metabolism to drop, a German study showed that drinking more water throughout the day will increase your metabolism by around 30%. Try to always keep a water bottle on you so that you can refill it whenever you are thirsty.


Fidget More

Perhaps your parents have drilled into you that fidgeting is a bad habit so you don’t do it anymore, but studies have shown that someone who fidgets more can actually burn up to 350 more calories a day than someone who remains idle. For example, tap your fingers or shake your legs while you’re sitting because it helps you burn calories !

fidgety fingers

Walk 15 Minutes Longer

This is very simple and will probably save you some money aswell, e.g. if you take public transport or drive to wherever you are going then get off 1-2 stops earlier or park further away. This will mean that you are gonna have to walk the rest of the way to your destination no matter what. Furthermore you will save money because less gas will be needed since your driving less and your tickets will be cheaper since you aren’t travelling as far with public transport.


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If you have any other questions about this topic or know of any other effective ways to burn extra calories please leave a comment below.

10 thoughts on “How To Burn Extra Calories – Easy Everyday Things You Can Do To Burn More Calories

  1. It’s crazy the options we have that help us burn those few extra calories a day. Like walking to the store or parking further away from the gym. It’s good to keep active even in every day activities. I would have never known that drinking black coffee helps as well. That’s awesome. Great post once again !

  2. This article gives food for thought and I have now been thinking about all the extra movements that can be done to increase my calorie loss.
    I actually live in a bungalow so I haven’t got the stairs option BUT I have got a lot of stairs outside in the garden and running up and down them a few times would definitely help.
    I don’t drink coffee but I do drink tea and will consider reducing my milk intake. Perhaps trying some herbal teas would be a good idea?
    I’m not overweight though, I just want to lose those last few extra pounds. Thanks for the info. Ches

  3. Great simple tips here to burn calories. Been gaining extra weight consistently for the past few months. I guess I don’t have the excuse of not having the time to go to gym or the memberships are too expensive. Drinking more water? I have a bad habit of drinking less. This is a new motivation to me to get the cup filled.

    1. Doing these extra things may help you lose a bit of extra weight, but getting a gym membership and eating correctly is the most important so don’t forget that.

  4. Andrew,
    Great post. I love how you keep it very simple and straight forward.
    I would definitely not think that fidgeting would help you burn calories, but it makes sense. You are moving when you fidget. And here I though it was just a nervous habit, which it is.
    I also really like your header and logo. Awesome overall job.

  5. When you consider how quickly we can change just a few things that will help with burning extra calories it is quite surprising.

    As you mentioned to take the stairs instead of the elevator or just to get into a habit of moving around and bending a little more throughout the day will make a difference.

    I also like the idea to walk more whether it’s to leave the car behind spend a few extra minutes to walk further or perhaps park farther away everywhere you go and walk a little further. I will be sure to implement these few things into my daily routine. p.s. Can I drink anything else apart from coffee since I hate the taste of it?

    1. Instead of coffee you can drink green tea it has the same effect, but not as strong since it doesn’t contain much caffeine.

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