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How To Build Shoulder Muscle – Want To Know The Secret To Broad Shoulders ?

monster delts
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Each person wants to build an aesthetically appealing pair of shoulders. They are definitely one of the most important parts of your body to develop and it is extremely important to keep them injury free as having injured shoulders will keep you from doing any sort of lifting. If you want to know how to build big boulder shoulders then you will need to know each of the muscles included within the shoulders. Furthermore, knowing this will greatly improve your mind muscle to connection when performing any exercise and that will result in more muscle gains.

The Shouldersshoulder anatomy

The shoulder contains 2 main muscle groups which are the deltoids and rotator cuffs. The deltoids are on the outside layer of the shoulder and they’re the muscle that most people are interested in building when it comes to the shoulders, It contains 3 individual muscle groups which include the posterior (rear) head, middle (side) head and anterior (front) head. Now underneath the deltoid contains the rotator cuff and it contains 4 individual muscle groups.

Now that you understand what muscles make up the shoulders here is a brilliant routine for you to try that will hit every single muscle fiber in your shoulders ensuring that they do become boulder shoulders, but remember you must also be eating the right foods and getting enough sleep to allow the muscle to repair/grow bigger. Ensure you choose the right weight to use when performing these exercises so that you actually feel the shoulders working or else you’re just wasting your time.

Standing Over Head Press (OHP)

The standing military press/OHP is one of the best shoulder exercises since it’s a compound movement that works all 3 heads of your deltoids which include your front delts, side delts and rear delts. Remember to keep your feet together, glutes (butt) tight and hold the barbell a little bit wider than shoulder width apart.

3 Sets 8-10 Reps

2 Minute Rest Inbetween Each Set

over head press

Dumbbell Upright-Row

The dumbbell upright-row works mainly the traps, front and side delts. Start by keeping you feet shoulder length apart then bring the dumbbells up to your nipple and back down. It is extremely important that you don’t go above your nipple as that will put unnecessary stress on the wrists and shoulder joints which may cause an injury.

3 Sets 10-12 Reps

1 Minute 30 Second Rest Inbetween Each Set

dumbbell upright row

Dumbbell Front Raise

Once you grab a pair of dumbbells slightly bend in your knees and elbows. After that you just simply raise the dumbbells towards the ceiling stopping at your chin level then bring your arm back down slowly, this movement fully focuses on the front delts.

3 Sets 12-15 Reps

1 Minute 30 Second Rest Inbetween Each Set

dumbbell front raise

Dumbbell Side Lateral Raise

When doing this exercise you must keep your shoulders blades pinched together at all times and remember to have a slight bend in your knees and elbows. Once in position raise the dumbbells just above your neck and then bring them back down slowly focusing on the contraction of the side delts.

3 Sets 12-15 Reps

1 Minute 30 Second Rest Inbetween Each Set

dumbbell side raise

Face Pulls

One of the best exercises to isolate the rear delts. Position your hand palm facing inward when holding the 2 ropes, retract your scapula then pull it straight back to the front of your forehead until you end up in the double bicep pose, repeat every rep just like this.

3 Sets 12-15 Reps

1 Minute 30 Second Rest Inbetween Each Set

face pulls

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Do this routine twice a week to get those big boulder shoulders you’ve always wanted. If you have any other suggestions for great shoulder exercises please feel free to leave a comment below.

10 thoughts on “How To Build Shoulder Muscle – Want To Know The Secret To Broad Shoulders ?

  1. Hi Andrew, I have been trying to get my shoulders big for a couple months now and I must admit your routine here will definitely help people get the big round shoulders they want, but instead of doing the OHP I do the Arnold press. What are your thoughts on the Arnold press?

    1. Hey Les, the Arnold press is great and probably one of the best shoulder exercises ever, but maybe too difficult for some beginners so I haven’t included it in this routine.

  2. That’s good to know and understand, but I haven’t done weight training in years. I think if I tried those right off the bat, I’d kill myself. Guess it depends on the weight you’re using on the dumbbells etc.

    1. Hahaha you won’t kill yourself, if your struggling with doing these movements just practice it with no weight on the bar and use very light dumbbells to begin with just to ensure your form is correct and to give yourself more confidence.

  3. Thanks for sharing this post about how to get big shoulders.
    If I ever want to build big shoulders I know where to go to find the right information.
    How important is nutrition when trying to build big shoulders?


    1. Having the right nutrition when trying to build any muscle is very important, but you must also remember that getting 7-8 hours sleep a day is also very important.

  4. Face pulls are great, really the only exercise which can isolate the rear delts like that. Shoulders will create a larger frame in men which makes them look a lot more attractive. I think a lot of guys focus on the chest when it’s actually the shoulders they need to be focusing on. Great post once again my friend !

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