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How To Build A Bigger Butt – Fix Your Flat Butt By Working Your Glutes

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For the ladies out there here is a full guide on how to build a bigger and rounder booty even if it’s as flat as cardboard, by following this glute workout routine you can turn it from your most hated body part to one that you can love (this routine also works great if you’re a guy). Although you might not see results overnight you must remember that consistency is key in achieving your goals. Furthermore, if you want to quickly improve your results you should understand what muscles are involved when working on your glutes and how the muscle in the glutes work. Knowing this will greatly improve your mind to muscle connection when performing any glute exercise which will result in more booty gains.

The Glutesglute anatomy

You’ve got three glute muscles, your glute max (the only one out of the three that can be seen), glute med and glute min (both deeper muscles so you can’t see them). So the glute max runs from your lower back and attaches to your iliotibial band/outer thigh. Although you can’t see the glute med or glute min they are still both very important muscles because they stabilise your hip and thigh. Now the glute med runs from the top of your hip bone and attaches to your outer thigh whereas the glute min lies underneath the glute med just on the outer portion of your hip and also attaches to your outer thigh.

Now that you understand what muscles make up the glutes here is a brilliant routine for you to try that will not only make your booty bigger and rounder, but also stronger. Now you must also remember to have a balanced diet with high protein and a good amount of sleep every night to allow the muscle to repair/recover to grow bigger. Ensure you choose the right weight to use when performing these exercises so that you actually feel the glutes working or else you’re just wasting your time.


Get on a hyperextension machine and lower your body to a 90 degree angle then raise yourself back up until you’re straight. Remember not to fling yourself back up because that will put unnecessary stress on your lower back.

5 Sets 12-15 Reps

1 Minute 30 Second Rest Inbetween Each Set

hyperextension animation

Barbell Squats

To begin place your feet shoulder width apart while resting the barbell on your shoulders and keeping your toes in an outward position. Stick your chest out and lower your body as if you’re going to sit in a small chair, once your hip is slightly lower than your knees drive back up using your heels and glutes.

3 Sets 10-12 Reps

2 Minute Rest Inbetween Each Set

barbell squats

Rear Leg Raises

Get on your elbows and knees on a mat then extend one leg straight back towards the ceiling, once you feel a good contraction in your glutes slowly lower your leg back down. A few things you should remember while doing the rear leg raises is to keep your core tight, your back straight and try not to let your toe touch the ground until you finish the set.

5 Sets 12-15 Reps

1 Minute 30 Second Rest Inbetween Each Set

rear leg raise

Walking Lunges

The walking lunges works your quads, hamstrings, glutes and calves. Once you’ve grabbed yourself a pair of dumbbells you should remember to keep a neutral spine during the whole exercise before you start. Now once you’re ready step forward then bring your knee down to a 90 degree angle and make sure your other knee touches the ground before you take your next step, continue this for the rest of the exercise.

3 Sets 10-12 Reps

2 Minute Rest Inbetween Each Set

walking lunges

One-Legged Cable Kickbacks

Hook an ankle cuff to a low pulley and attach it to your ankle. Make sure you hold onto something so that you are stable, now start by facing the weight stack and keep a light bend in your hips/knees. Bring your leg back as high as you can and pause for a second at the top then bring it back to the starting positon ensuring you contract your glutes.

5 Sets 12-15 Reps

1 Minute 30 Second Rest Inbetween Each Set

one legged cable kickback


Do this workout 3 times a week for maximum booty gains or 1-2 times a week if you’re a male wanting to get stronger and more defined glutes. Lastly, if you have anymore questions about the glutes or this routine then leave a comment below !

10 thoughts on “How To Build A Bigger Butt – Fix Your Flat Butt By Working Your Glutes

  1. I have to admit, this post is really interesting and detailed. You really know what you are talking about, but I have a question. Are those exercises only for women who want to have shaped butts or is it for men as well ?

    Thanks a lot for your time and effort.

  2. NO WAY ! This is a revelation to me, ok so a flatter stomach gives you a better butt…I suppose this makes sense. Thank you so much for this info.

    I had a slipped disc last year and my back has never been the same, I was told that my core was the issue so I have been working on this and seeing slow improvements. I want to incorporate your exercises into my routine, but I’m a bit worried about the hyperextensions or the Barbell Squats since it might be too much for my lower back. What do you think ?

    1. It seems as if your back is better now since your working on your core so if you go light and perfect the form of the barbell squat/hyperextensions then you shouldn’t have an issue with your lower back. If you need anymore help you can just send me a message here: Contact Me

  3. Hi Andrew,

    Very well written article and to the point, these are definitely the best exercises for the butt. The squats, walking lunges and kickbacks also have an enormous impact on fat loss combined with proper nutrition and rest. In my workout routine, I do legs twice per week because I am a sprinter and the results are amazing. Woman’s also like to see a nice round butt to a man 🙂

    1. Hi Zoly,

      Legs twice a week ? dam that’s tough haha and this workout doesn’t only have to be for women so if any guys out there want a nice and round butt then go ahead 🙂

  4. WOW ! Looks like you are giving a dream recipe for women. Most of us would kill to have a great butt, when I started out with my daily yoga practice in my early teens this was one of my main goals.

    I am myself looking into incorporating more strength training into my program and these exercises look really great. Especially the ones that you don’t need any gym machines for 🙂

  5. I’ve been working on growing my glutes for a couple years now. I try to do legs twice a week, but sometimes need more rest time than that, which is totally fine with me. I have kind of an unrelated question, what are some ways I can stay motivated to keep going to the gym ? As the days get colder, the less and less I feel like leaving the house.. Ugh.

    1. Motivation has to come from within, since external motivation will only last so long. If your not already listening to your own music when your working out then that will help also taking a pre workout is probably the best way because you will have so much energy you’ll feel the need to get a workout in.

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