How Much Fibre Do You Need A Day ? – Your Guide To Fibre Intake

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Fibre is an essential part of a healthy and balanced diet, it also has many benefits such as aiding with your weight/fat loss and helping you feel fuller for longer so that you eat less. Before knowing how much fibre you need everyday it would be helpful for you to know what dietary fibre actually is.

What Is Dietary Fibre ?

There are two main groups of fibre soluble and insoluble. Each group benefits your body in different ways so it is extremely important for you to include both into your daily diet.

high fibre foods

Insoluble Fibre

It is also known as partially fermentable fibre/cellulose and is normally found in foods such as cereals, wholemeal breads, brown rice, nuts, seeds, vegetables, wholegrains and potatoes. This type of fibre is indigestible, so it speeds up the transit time of food throughout your body that keeps your bowels moving regularly. Furthermore, insoluble fibre helps prevent constipation as it soaks up around 15x it’s own weight in water and decreases the risk of colon cancer.

Soluble Fibre

It is also known as fermentable fibre/pectin and is normally found in fruits, beans, legumes, root vegetables and grains such as oats/barley. Soluble fibre in your body lowers cholesterol and helps manage glucose levels by slowing down the absorption of carbs so that sugar is released gradually into your bloodstream, keeping your energy levels at a steady rate. Although, too much soluble fibre will cause you to produce more gas (farts).

For a more detailed list of high fibre foods: Read More Here

Your Daily Fibre Intake

Ideally you should aim for at least 30g of fibre a day if your an adult over the age of 17, but if that’s too much then the bare minimum you should at least try to aim for is 20g a day. Not to mention if you’re having problems going to the loo then you know it’s time to increase your daily fibre intake.

Age (Years) Recommended Intake Of Fibre
2-5 15g Per Day
5-11 20g Per Day
11-16 25g Per Day
17 and Over 30g Per Day

If you would like to accurately calculate how much fibre you need each day you will first need to calculate how many calories you need a day: Calculate Your Calories Here

After calculating your daily calories for every 1000 calories you consume you will need 14 grams of fibre. For example, if you consume 2700 calories you will need to consume 41 grams of fibre a day.

Fibre Supplementation

If you find it difficult to hit your recommended daily fibre intake you could turn to fibre supplementation as there are many fibre products on the market in both tablet and powder form. Although, getting your fibre from actual foods is the best way since high fibre foods tend to also be rich in vitamins and minerals.

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Best Fibre Supplements On The Market

For The Tablet Form: Click Here

For The Powder Form: Click Here

If you have any more questions about your daily fibre intake then leave a comment below.

10 thoughts on “How Much Fibre Do You Need A Day ? – Your Guide To Fibre Intake

  1. Hi Andrew,

    Great article on fibre supplementation. I think most people don’t realize the importance of fibre including myself. I usually focus on the carbs, protein and fat so its good that you have highlighted this as an important macronutrient that shouldn’t be ignored. Another important thing that was spot on was the importance of fibre in slowing down the absorption of carbs. I guess that is why we calculate net carbs when the food has fiber in it.

  2. Hi Andrew ! This was a great read, well done with this article !

    I’ve never put much thought into my fibre intake, but now I can see I’m not getting enough ! I’m going to need to start monitoring my entire diet now I think and I’m sure this site will help me a lot !!

    Thanks so much for this information 🙂


  3. Thanks for breaking down the two types of fibre. I am vegan and eat pretty healthy. Sometimes I can eat a little bit too healthy though. I am imagining it is eating too much of the insoluble fibre than may cause a too quick of a transit through the stomach. Am I right ? If I eat too many veggies, this happens. Do you recommend a 50/50 amount of insoluble and soluble fibre ? With my diet I can easily meet the required needs and sometimes I get too much.

    1. Haha yes your right, if you could get half from insoluble fibre and the other half from soluble fibre it wwould be the best.

  4. Hi Andrew, thank you for the informative read. I am kind of a fitness nut so it’s always good to read about anything fitness or health related. I have always been a big fan of fibre and your article really breaks down the importance of it. You mention in the article that fibre supplements are ok, but not as good as natural fibre. I believe I take in most of my fibre from natural sources but just wonder, are you aware of any adverse affects of supplements for fibre sources ? Just curious. Thanks again for the great article.

    1. Hey Robert,

      You shouldn’t experience any adverse effects from fibre supplements as they should all come from natural sources.

      Hope that helps.

  5. I have problems getting enough fiber in my diet, I am not able to eat many foods especially grains and dairy. I experience stomach cramps often, I can only move my bowels a few times per week but my weight is higher than I would like and my belly is always bloated.

    How much is 30 grams of fiber and how does one know how much fiber they are getting each day ?

    1. You know how much fiber you’re getting each day by tracking the foods you eat and looking at how much fiber is in the foods you eat, to make this easier if you have a smartphone use the app MyFitnessPal to help you track everything you eat.

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