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HIIT Cardio For Fat Loss – A Routine That Will Help You Get Ripped

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Doing HIIT (high intensity interval training ) cardio for fat loss has been one of the most effective ways for both athletes and bodybuilders to lose weight without slaving away hours on a cardio machine. Although it is very important to remember that if your not eating in a caloric deficit you will not lose weight no matter how much cardio you do.

Why It’s So Effective For Fat Loss

The reason why HIIT cardio is so effective for fat loss is because it forces you to reach and sustain your Vmax (the maximum amount of volume of oxygen that you can use) which produces excess post oxygen consumption so that once you finish your workout your metabolism will be kept at an all time high for hours after you leave the gym.

burn fat

If you want to lose fat and reap all the benefits of HIIT training then you must repeatedly achieve and sustain your Vmax level of exertion. Furthermore, the longer you sustain your Vmax level the more effective the HIIT workout is going to be. So to save you the headache of figuring out an effective HIIT workout here is one that you can follow for 4 weeks. You also won’t need any extra equipment so you can literally do this anywhere !

Your 4 Week HIIT Program

How To Do The 3 Exercises

  • Burpees – Start in the squat position and kick your legs back into a squat thrust then do a push up. Come back up by doing a frog jump, once your back up do a jump squat.

  • Mountain Climbers – Get into a planking position and simply alternate one knee in and one knee out. Remember to keep your hips down.

mountain climber

  • Jump Squat – Come down into the squat position and as you jump up reach for the sky also make sure you push through your toes, the harder you push through your toes the higher you will be able jump burning more calories.

jump squat

Week 1

  1. Burpees 8x
  2. Mountain Climbers 16x
  3. Jump Squat 8x

8 rounds with 45 second rest between each round, doing all 3 exercises in a row equals one round. To be done 2 times in the week.

Week 2

  1. Burpees 9x
  2. Mountain Climbers 18x
  3. Jump Squat 9x

8 rounds with 40 second rest between each round, to be done 3 times in the week.

Week 3

  1. Burpees 9x
  2. Mountain Climbers 18x
  3. Jump Squat 9x

9 rounds with 35 second rest between each round, to be done 3 times in the week.

Week 4

  1. Burpees 10x
  2. Mountain Climbers 20x
  3. Jump Squat 10x

10 rounds with 30 second rest between each round, to be done 3 times in the week.

Weight Training And HIIT

There’s no denying how good HIIT cardio is for fat loss, but there are definitely a few drawbacks and you may want to consider them if your goal isn’t just to lose fat. Firstly, it could adversely effect your gym workouts since you may lift less weight due to fatigue. For example a lot of HIIT cardio routines like the one above require you to use your core and leg muscles a lot which means now your core and leg muscles are more taxed so those muscles need a longer time to recover. Since most muscle building movements require you to have a strong core and a pair of fresh legs you could end up lifting less weight because your core and legs still haven’t fully recovered from your last gym session resulting in less lean muscle mass being gained. So if your main goal is just to gain muscle then steady state cardio may actually be a better option than HIIT.

intense cardio

The total amount of HIIT you should do per week depends on what your immediate goals are and what other types of exercise you’re doing. If your goal is solely to build muscle mass then it’s probably best for you to do no more than 1 HIIT cardio session a week, but if your trying to lose weight and you’ve hit a plateau implement the 4 week program above to your current workout routine.

If you have anymore questions about HIIT cardio then please feel free to leave a comment down below.

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