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Exercises That Target The Inner Chest – 3 Best Inner Chest Excercises For Mass

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The chest is probably the hardest muscle to fully develop especially if you’re new to bodybuilding. Even after performing various barbell and dumbbell presses you still find it difficult to get your inner pecs to grow like the outer part of your chest… this is a troublesome area for most and can be solved by adding these 3 exercises to your current chest routine.

muscle pumps

All 3 of the exercises listed below focuses on bringing your arms either towards or across the midline of your chest and this is how you really hit the inner part of your chest.

Close Grip Bench Press

This exercise is probably more common for tricep routines, but by slowly lifting and fully using your mind to muscle connection to focus on the chest contraction, you’ll notice it really hits your inner pecs. Just relax your arms and let the pecs do all the work, remember you don’t need to go heavy on this exercise.

Start by laying down on an incline bench press, put your hands just inside of shoulder width on the bar (the positioning of the hands is different for everyone, for some it’s better if you grip closer than suggested, try various grips to see which one stimulates your chest the most instead of the triceps) and retract your shoulder blades. Now start by slowly lowering the bar towards your upper chest and just before you are about to touch your upper chest bring the bar back up. P.S. depending on how strong your wrists are a pair of wrist wraps can greatly help and prevent you from injuring yourself.

3 Sets 8-10 Reps

2 Minute Rest Inbetween Each Set

close grip bench press

Cables Crossovers

The cable crossovers are known for fully isolating the whole of your chest since when done properly equal amounts of stress is placed on the inner, upper and lower pecs.

To perform the movement go inbetween two cable machines and grab both handles. Stagger your feet, bend your front knee and keep your back straight. There should be a slight bend in your elbows and your hands should be just below your chest. Focus on bringing your hands to the middle of your chest and ensure your hands are crossing over each other to bring up the inner pec.

3 Sets 12-15 Reps

2 Minute Rest Inbetween Each Set

cable crossover

Machine Flyes

Machine flyes are similar to the cable crossovers with just a few differences separating them apart, but variation is key when it comes to building up your inner pecs.

After you choose the right weight, adjust the seat height so that your arms are straight parallel to the floor and even with the chest. Now grip the handles and keep your shoulders down, chest out and back straight, then simply bring your arms towards the front of your chest and slowly back to complete the rep.

3 Sets 10-12 Reps

1 Minute 30 Second Rest Inbetween Each Set

machine flyes

The Inner Chest

Some people say you can’t directly train your inner chest… is that true ? It’s true that you don’t technically have a muscle such as the inner pecs, but instead what you do have is called the sternum which is the gap between your pectoralis.


Although you can’t directly train your inner chest, the 3 exercises above will help you build more chest muscle because it hits your chest in a different way and at a different angle compared to the normal chest exercises. However that being said, doing only these 3 exercises won’t be enough to develop your chest and the only way for you to reap all the benefits of these exercises is by adding them on top of other chest movements like the barbell bench press and incline dumbbell press. Once you do that and follow a complete chest routine your pecs will increase in size and the width of the sternum will become thinner, making your inner chest appear bigger.

For A Full Chest Routine: Click Here

What do you think about the 3 exercises listed, do you agree with them or not ?

If you have anymore questions about building any part of your chest then leave a comment below.

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