Does Ginseng Work ? – The Miracle Plant That Cures And Prevents Cancer

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Ginseng is a gnarled root (looks like a human body with stringy shoots for arms and legs) that has been used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years. There are also other types of ginseng such as American ginseng and Siberian ginseng, but in this article we will purely be focusing on Asian ginseng. The truth is that ginseng has many health boosting properties, but that will largely depend on the type of supplement you have bought and the strength of it. Sadly, some less reputable brands of ginseng have been found to contain none of the active ingredients that actually boost your health – ginsenosides/panaxosides (more on this in a bit).


Asian ginseng is available in powder form, liquid form, capsules and the intact root itself. It should be taken by mouth to improve concentration, memory, thinking, work efficiency, physical stamina, Alzheimer’s disease, preventing muscle damage from strenuous activities and athletic endurance. Asian ginseng is often referred to as a general well-being medication because it affects many different systems of the body.


Some people use Asian ginseng to treat breast cancer, help prevent ovarian cancer, lung cancer, skin cancer and liver cancer, several studies have suggested this to be true.

In one experimental study, researchers followed 4,634 people who took Asian ginseng for 5 years. They found that those who took ginseng lowered there risks of lung, ovarian, pancreatic, liver and stomach cancers. Furthermore, the study also found that taking ginseng only 3 times a year led to a massive reduction in cancer risk.


Fertility And Erectile Dysfunction

Other uses of ginseng include the treatment of fertility problems, sexual dysfunction in men and to increase sexual arousal in women.

Although Asian ginseng is widely believed to boost sexual performance there aren’t many studies to back this up, but there were a couple of animal studies that showed an increase in sexual production, sexual performance, sexual activity and sperm production when ginseng was taken. Another study of 46 men found that ginseng increased there sperm count and sex drive.

Stress And Well-Being

Ginseng is also used for depression, anxiety, general/chronic fatigue, boosting your immune system, multiple sclerosis and to help fight a lung disease called cystic fibrosis.

Although these properties can be difficult to study and measure, there was one study of 501 men and women living in Mexico city that found there quality of life (sleep, personal satisfaction, sex life, energy, personal satisfaction and well-being) improved when taking Asian ginseng.


Type Two Diabetes

From many studies ginseng has been shown to lower blood sugar levels in people with type 2 diabetes preventing it from getting to high, which helps keep it at a balanced level.

So like discussed before ginsengs active ingredient is ginsenosides with a combination of vitamins/minerals and if you’re planning to take ginseng then it must be for the long term because it will take at least a month for you to notice any effects. Also make sure that you get the ginseng from a reputable brand as other brands ginseng may contain filler ingredients. Lastly, if you have anymore questions about Asian ginseng then leave a comment about it down below.

10 thoughts on “Does Ginseng Work ? – The Miracle Plant That Cures And Prevents Cancer

  1. Wow !

    I didn’t know that ginseng had such a wide range of benefits ! I knew that ginseng has been used in Chinese medicine since the dawn of time practically, but I never knew the exact properties of it. I am currently suffering from a bit of Postpartum Depression and horribly low sex drive after the birth of my child. We had a difficult pregnancy, birth and a 2 month long NICU stay, so it’s no wonder I’m having issues. I was taking some other supplements (just turmeric, St. John’s Wort and sometimes some others depending on what’s bothering me that day), would anything have a reaction with ginseng or would ginseng lessen the effects of any other supplements or medicines ?

    1. It’s would be best to ask your personal doctor that question because if your taking a lot of different supplements it’s very hard to judge since I’m not an actual doctor and I don’t want to give you inaccurate information, but one thing for sure is that taking ginseng should solve most if not all of those problems you listed.

      Hope it all works out for you Heather 🙂

  2. Well, it’s really useful to know how beneficial ginseng is. I have been taking the liquid form – which tastes great, from my local oriental store and I must say I had no idea there were so many benefits. Now that I do know I’ll make the effort to incorporate it more regularly into my lifestyle.

    Thanks for sharing !

  3. Hi Andrew,

    Great post. I’m a big fan of natural supplements, but have never taken ginseng. This is one that I should give a try. I didn’t realize all the potential benefits. Is there a certain brand that you would recommend. I get some from GNC, any thoughts on their products.

    1. GNC is a reputable supplement company and there products probably don’t contain any filler ingredients, also the best brand of ginseng to get would be BING HAN.

  4. Hi Andrew, thanks for your interesting article. My question maybe a bit silly, but I always had this curiosity: as you surely know, nowadays you can find ginseng also in coffee and in some Chinese liquor. Can the daily assumption of ginseng contained in these two beverages bring any benefit, or is it used there only for its taste and maybe marketing reasons ?

    Thanks !

    1. The ginseng in coffee/Chinese liquor don’t have any benefits and is probably used for taste more than anything else, so trying to get your daily dose of ginseng from these beverages is not a good idea.

  5. Wow, ginseng indeed is an awesome plant, no wonder it’s so famous in eastern cultures ! Actually thinking about it, it’s gaining popularity in the west as well.

    Didn’t know it helps with diabetes especially cancer. However I was familiar that It works as an aphrodisiac. It’s also related to increasing testosterone levels in men.

    Can you recommend a brand or a particular ginseng product ?

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