Do Low Carb Diets Really Work ? – The Truth

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Low carb diets are the most popular for weight/fat loss around the world and for good reason because they really do work, but of course you still need to be in a caloric deficit just like any other weight loss plan. There are many high quality studies which show low carb dieting can cause 3 times more weight loss compared to the low fat diet, although there are many benefits there are also drawbacks to doing the low carb diet. Here we will go through all the benefits and drawbacks of low carb dieting:

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  1. Triglycerides are lowered and HDL (the good cholesterol) is increased. Which also reduces your blood pressure/sugar levels.
  2. Reducing your carbohydrates lowers your insulin levels, insulin stimulates your fats cells to make even more fat and hold on to it which means lowered insulin levels will aid fat burning.
  3. Most of the fat loss comes from the belly area/liver, removing all the deadly visceral fat which builds up around your organs reducing inflammation and disease.
  4. Low carb diets have been shown to automatically lower your appetite, leading to a reduced caloric intake.
  5. All low carb diets require you to increase your protein intake and a higher protein diet always reduces your appetite, boosts your metabolism and helps increase/maintain muscle mass. If you find it difficult to eat all this protein everyday then taking whey protein powders will make it much easier and more manageable: Click Here For The 5 Best Whey Protein Powders For Weight Loss


  1. The lower your carb intake the greater your risk of dehydration and bad breath, so you will need to drink lots of water (around 4 litres a day).
  2. Cutting out a major food group will result in a drop of nutrient levels (especially the B vitamins) since certain nutrients are only available from high carb foods. Luckily, taking supplements will help make sure you get all these essential daily nutrients without eating any carbs !
  3. The most common problem is constipation since your fibre intake will drop dramatically, but if you’re eating a lot of vegetables then this shouldn’t be a problem. If you are consuming a lot of vegetables, but still getting constipation there are many fibre supplements which will help like psyllium husks.
  4. Low carb diets are very effective in the short term, but not so much in the long term because it is incredibly hard to stick to.
  5. Feeling fatigued and nausea is also very common when doing a low carb diet.

You can see that there are many benefits/drawbacks of doing a low carb diet and it really is up to you to see if you can stick to it for the long term.

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A low carb diet can definitely help you lose weight since it forces your body to use fat as its main energy source, but including weight training is a must because low carb diets make it extremely hard for you to keep your muscle mass even with the increased protein intake. Keeping as much muscle as possible during your weight loss is very important because muscle tissue is metabolically active and burns a lot of calories even when you are resting. Once you start to lose muscle tissue you will have to decrease the amount of calories you can consume making it harder for you to keep your weight at a healthy level. If you would like to know the best and easiest way to make any diet successful then: Check This Article Out Here

Do you have anymore questions about low carb dieting ? If you do then leave a comment down below !

8 thoughts on “Do Low Carb Diets Really Work ? – The Truth

  1. Hi there ! I am really looking into cutting my carbs because I think that it is the main reason why I still have belly fat. Actually, I just started my health and fitness journey a year ago and I still didn’t get my desired body. Although I am not sure if it is because of my diet, I usually eat rice 3 times a day because it is my primary source of energy. So if I cut it, I don’t know what I should eat. Do you have any suggestions on what should I do ?

    1. Hey John,

      There are many things that you can do, the first is to change that white rice to brown or if you don’t like brown rice there are many other great carb sources: Here’s A List Of Carbs. Now if you really can’t stop eating white rice the best thing to do would be to portion every meal or track your macros. If you need help it will only benefit you to hire an online coach.

  2. An interesting hot topic here, I agree with everything you said. Especially with drawbacks reference cutting carbs in the long run. I always find that cutting carbs does leave me hungry throughout the day. Is there anything you know that can be done for hunger if on the low carb diet ?

    Many Thanks,


  3. Hey Andrew,

    How can lowering carbs increase my chance for bad breath ?

    Also I forgot which nutritionist I heard this from, but I eat a very high carb diet and am pretty lean.

    Since carbs are where we get our energy I feel it makes sense to make them a bigger part of our diet. Then protein, then fat.

    1. Hey Drew,

      The ketones produced during the diet can lead to bad breath and low carb diets may work for some and not others. Eating high carb may also work, like for you so it all just depends on your genetics and lifestyle.

  4. I’ve just forwarded your article to my husband because I believe this is the perfect diet for him. He loves meat, I think in a past lifetime he was a tiger. However, there’s a huge problem with this diet and that is the lack of the carbohydrates he loves – bread. Do you recommend an alternative for someone who loves his starch? Should he try a carbohydrate free bread ? Or do you recommend (especially for the results that he wants) that it’s best for him to give this up altogether ?

    1. If your husband hasn’t tried tracking his macros yet then really that is one of the best ways to diet since you don’t have to give up any food. Bread is not the enemy here, he just needs to start weight lifting and reduce his caloric intake.

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