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Cardio During Bulking Phase – Should You Do It ?

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Doing cardio during a cut is pretty much a given, especially if you’re already a few weeks in since it helps you maintain a caloric deficit without needing to drastically decrease your food intake. However, what if you’re bulking ? should you still do cardio even though you’re trying to gain size ? There really is a large amount of misinformation and confusion about cardio while adding muscle mass, so this article will help clear up all the myths and give you the correct information about cardio while bulking.

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Is Cardio Needed When Bulking ?

Bulking is all about gaining muscle mass, but if you stop doing cardio and up the calories by too much you will gain a lot of unnecessary fat. Of course it’s certainly possible to lean bulk without doing any cardio, but including moderate amounts of cardio into your bulk can help limit the amount of body fat you gain among many other benefits. Here are a few:

Aids In Muscle Recovery And Growth

Doing low to moderate intensity cardio increases your blood flow, this means more oxygen will be delivered to your muscles and the removal of waste products such as lactic acid/carbon dioxide will also be improved decreasing the amount of time it takes you to recover. Additionally, the increase in blood flow promotes muscle growth the nutrient uptake of your muscles will be increased.


Keeps Your Heart Healthy

Why do people even bother to do cardio in the first place ? To stay fit and keep their heart healthy, your health is just as important as your gains and whether you’re bulking or not, if you neglect cardio you’ll end up being out of breath by just walking up the stairs. Furthermore, if you don’t do any cardio when you’re bulking it’s going to be ten times harder when you decide to add it into your cut since cardiovascular conditioning drops very quickly when you spend long periods of time without cardio exercise.

However, cardiovascular conditioning also benefits your performance in the gym because when you take big compound lifts into the higher rep ranges you won’t be so out of breath, that it affects your next set since you can recover faster.

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Reduces Body Fat Gain

Briefly mentioned before when you’re bulking you will gain body fat no matter how clean your diet is because it’s simply impossible to gain muscle mass without gaining body fat. However, by doing cardio alongside your bulk you will keep body fat gain to a minimum meaning you can make your cuts much shorter and bulk for even longer.

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How To Add Cardio Into Your Routine

Despite cardio having many benefits, if you do too much it will impede both your muscle growth and recovery. To prevent this just keep your cardio sessions limited (2-3 times a week) and at a lower intensity (walking, jogging, stair masters, cycling etc) because high intensity cardio burns way too many calories and fatigues your muscles, therefore adding to your recovery time.

So to conclude cardio is definitely recommended during a bulk, but just remember to keep at a low intensity with only 2-3 sessions a week. Lastly, if you have anymore questions about cardio and bulking then leave a comment below.

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