Can You Lose Weight Without Exercising ? – Find Out Now !

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Maybe following a conventional exercise plan to lose weight is just not for you and it is definitely still possible to achieve your goal weight by just dieting alone. Although, not doing any kind of exercise when trying to lose weight can stack the odds up against you because the deeper you go into a caloric deficit the more your body will use muscle mass as energy rather than the fat stores. Simply put without exercise you will give your body no reason to hold onto its muscle mass and once you lose too much your metabolism will start to decrease making it even harder for you to lose weight. The fact is that muscle tissue burns roughly 7-10 calories per pound per day, compared to the mere 2-3 calories per pound per day for fat. Luckily for you here are 4 proven ways to lose weight and reduce muscle loss without exercise:

Eat More Protein

High protein diets have been proven to be one of the best when it comes to reducing body fat while maintaining your muscle mass. You should seek out at least 0.9 grams of protein for every pound of your body weight to maintain muscle mass and if you’re trying to lose weight then you should increase this to 1.2 grams of protein for every pound of your body weight.

Another huge benefit of having a high protein diet is having a higher satiety. This will allow you to feel less hungry while being in a caloric deficit, meaning you’ll eat less.

high protein foods

Trying to take in this much protein everyday from just food alone can be very tough, so to easily boost your protein intake you could try out some high-quality whey protein powders. This specific whey protein is perfect for any weight loss diet: Click Here For The Review

Sleep Well

When it comes to losing weight or your health in general sleep is a necessity and a lack of it disrupts both your leptin/ghrelin levels. These two hormones regulate your appetite and having them both disrupted will lead to an increase in hunger and cravings for bad foods. If you are currently having trouble with getting at least 7-8 hours of sleep a every night then: Click Here To Reduce The Time It Takes For You To Fall And Stay Asleep

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Take BCAAs

Branched Chain Amino Acids is one of the most investigated supplements in the fitness industry and is also proven to be one of the most effective at reducing muscle breakdown/increasing the speed at which the muscle repairs itself. Although you won’t be exercising you can still benefit from using BCAAs since it reduces the breakdown of your muscle mass.

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Each serving of BCAAs contain three key amino acids known as L-Valine, L-Leucine and L-Isoleucine. BCAAs will be metabolized directly in the muscle and will improve nitrogen retention which will help keep your muscle from being used as energy. Furthermore, your body cannot make these amino acids from other compounds so the only way to get them is to take a BCAA supplement.

Eat High Fibre Foods

Fibre is an essential part of a healthy and balanced diet, it also has many benefits such as aiding with your weight/fat loss and helping you feel fuller for longer so that you eat less. Eating more fibre will also help your digestive system so that waking up in the morning and going to the toilet will be much easier, this will give you a better and more accurate measurement of your weight since you have nothing else in your system because you left it all back in the toilet.

high fibre foods

So to conclude it is most definitely possible for you to lose weight without exercising especially if you follow those 4 proven principles above. However, in the end adding exercise to weight loss can actually make it much easier for you to achieve your goals even though it may be tough at first. If you’re interested in learning which exercises burn the most calories then: Read This Article

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12 thoughts on “Can You Lose Weight Without Exercising ? – Find Out Now !

  1. I always wondered what BCAAs are ! and I knew that sleeping well and getting enough fiber/protein are important for overall health, but had no idea how they where related to maintaining muscle while losing weight. What are leptin and ghrelin levels though ? I’m going to end up on a Google anDoc Wikipedia rabbit hole, haha… Cool article, thanks !

    1. Haha leptin and ghrelin levels are two hormones that regulate your appetite, so having them both disrupted will lead to an increase in hunger and cravings for bad foods.

  2. I tend to get caught up on going hardcore on either exercise or healthy eating. I’m learning to do both at the same time…lol. Thanks for this article because it helped me to look at my approach differently. It’s realistic for me to focus on the four elements you mentioned and all of those will increase energy which will be a benefit to my work out.

    I have never heard of BCAAs before so it was interesting to learn more about it. Thanks Andrew !

  3. This is such a great article ! I’m currently trying to be very health conscious with my holiday cooking since I know there will definitely be more eating then exercise, so I am so glad I ran across your site. I love your suggestions there, but need a little more specific help. I know you mentioned high protein. Turkey I hear is very high in protein. Would you say that would be the healthier choice over perhaps, ham or chicken for thanksgiving ? What are some of the highest vegetables in fiber ? I will definitely try and include all those ingredients in my holiday lifestyle to try and avoid the extra pounds !

    1. Turkey breast has the least amount of fat compared to any other animal meats and also contains a very high amount of protein, but you must remember to skin the whole turkey as that is where all that fat/calories are. As for veggies that have the most fibre peas, broccoli and Brussel sprouts will do.

  4. I have always been one that struggles with weight fluctuation.

    I have been trying to pack on muscle mass for years now and it seems like I have hit a wall. I eat a steady high protein diet and work out every chance I get.

    No matter what I do I can’t get the results that I am looking for.

    I have a question for you that I am hoping you can answer.

    I recently have been seeing ads for something called power boost and testo boost.

    Do you know anything about them and are they really worth getting.

    Hope you can help.

    Thank you !

    1. Hey Jason,

      So power boost/test boosters are known and taken as supplements. They have all-natural ingredients that enhance your body’s ability to produce testosterone which means you will have a easier time losing fat and gaining muscle.

      It is safe and ideal for men who are more than 20 years of age to take testosterone boosters. This is because results will be more evident. Young men under 20 will not have the same level of results that a 24-year-old man gets to enjoy, but if you start to abuse test boosters there are many side effects that could occur such as:

      Oily Skin – Some users say that their skin became more prone to acne growth. Others experience other skin reactions as well.

      Breast Enlargement – Other men reported that their breasts have enlarged while they took testosterone boosters.

      Testicle Shrinkage – The testes may also experience size reduction, which result to a decreased amount of sperm.

      Urination Issues – Because testosterone boosters stimulate the prostate tissue, men often have problems with urination. The stream of urine is much thinner and the urge to urinate is less frequent.

      Mood Swings – You tend to display more aggression and irritability. Polycythaemia – This is a condition where red blood cells increase in production. This increases your risk of acquiring heart conditions.

      Increased PSA – An increase in your PSA leads to the inflammation of the prostate gland or prostate cancer.

      Hope That Helps,

      Andrew Ngan

  5. Can you lose weight without doing exercise. I know people personally who did by watching what they were eating and how much. I know I never could so I had to exercise aswell, but I see here that you mention eating foods high in fiber and I know by experience that it really helps to regulate your digestive system.

    I was wondering about BCAAs. I never really tried it, but I read in many places that it can help to burn fat. Is there a particular way to take that ? before or after you train ? Or somewhere else during the day ?

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