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Bodyweight Bicep Excercises – 6 Bodyweight Moves For Massive Arms !

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When it comes to building more muscle the biceps are probably the main focus for all men because having muscular biceps is a sign of both strength and fitness. However, sometimes there won’t be any weights to train your biceps with… for instance when you’re on holiday, travelling or when you don’t have enough time to get to a gym so you have to workout at home. What should you do then ? whatever the reason is it won’t be a problem anymore because there are over a dozen of great bodyweight moves that still effectively trains the biceps without the need of barbells, dumbbells, cable machines or kettlebells.

In fact working on your biceps without weights once in a while can actually help you achieve more arm growth due to the different angles/positions your biceps will be hit with. So if you want massive arms here are 6 of the best bodyweight bicep exercises that you can do pretty much anywhere anytime:

Narrow Grip Chin-Ups

Narrow grip chin-ups are a great exercise for developing your back muscles, but with added emphasis on the biceps due to the way you grip the bar. To perform the exercise simply place your hands shoulder width apart with the palms facing towards you on the bar and literally pull yourself up until your chin is above the bar. It’s also helpful to pause at the top for 1-2 seconds and then slowly lower yourself back down.

chin ups

Inverted Rows

The inverted row is a great exercise for the biceps, but also works the back muscles. It is similar to the bent-over barbell row, but the chances of you injuring yourself in this exercise compared to doing heavy bent-over barbell rows is greatly reduced. To do this exercise you’ll need to lie on the floor underneath a bar, bed or table (anyplace where you are just above the ground) and grab whatever you’re holding onto with an overhand grip. Now keep your body straight and pull yourself upwards until your chest lightly touches the bar, bed or table then slowly lower yourself back down.

inverted row

Wide Grip Pull-Ups

This is similar to the chin-ups, but the only difference is that you grab the bar a little wider and switch to an overhand grip. Although your biceps aren’t as engaged in this version they still get in on the action, to perform this exercise you simply grip the bar a little bit wider than shoulder width apart and pull yourself up until your chin is above the bar. Just like the chin-ups it’s helpful to pause at the top for 1-2 seconds before lowering yourself back down.


Static Holds

Static holds require you to hold a heavy object (since you have no equipment find something fairly heavy like a fire extinguisher or heavy school bag) in a fixed position for five to ten seconds. If the object you find is lighter than you’d like hold it for 15-20 seconds instead. To perform a static hold bring your arms just midway between a curl while holding the heavy object and you should start to feel a strain in your biceps.

women bicep curl

Towel Chin-Ups

Towel chin-ups work on your grip strength and it engages your biceps more than the regular chin-up. To do this exercise wrap a long towel around your pull up bar and grab the ends, now pull yourself up all the way then slowly lower yourself back down.

towel chin ups

Towel Bicep Curls

Using a towel to do bicep curls might sound easy, but by the end of it your biceps will be burning. Begin by standing with your back straight to the wall and grab both ends of the towel, put one foot inbetween the towel then pull your hands up against the resistance of your leg. When pulling the towel you must remember to keep your shoulders down and touching the wall.

towel bicep curls

To conclude by knowing these 6 bodyweight bicep exercises you can literally train your arms anywhere you go and if you anymore questions about bodyweight bicep exercises then leave a comment below.

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