Are Protein Bars Good For Weight Loss ? – The Advantages And Disadvantages

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Having a high protein diet is one of the most important principles when it comes to weight loss because it can keep you full for extended periods of time and help make sure you keep as much muscle mass as possible. So, protein bars sound like they’re a great addition to any weight loss diet right ? a sweet and tasty bar that is also high in protein that could easily be mistaken for a full fat chocolate bar. Well it really depends on what type of protein bar you get because some are designed to act as a meal replacement while other bars are used to gain size.

Now whatever your reason for choosing a protein bar is, it’s very important to choose to the correct one.

How To Choose The Right Protein Bar For Weight Loss

When choosing a protein bar, it helps to look at the nutrition label as every bar is made differently and some are healthier than others. Specifically, for weight loss any protein bar that has less than 150 calories while also being high in protein, but low in fat/sugar is your ideal bar, this can be quite hard to find though because a typical protein bar can contain over 250 calories. It’s also helpful to eat the protein bar after a meal as a dessert instead of eating it as a snack because you’ll feel so much more satisfied after.

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On the other hand if your goal is to build muscle mass and you find it hard to eat enough calories each day, a 400-500 calorie protein bar would be perfect for you.

By now you can probably tell that there are many different kinds of protein bars and mistaking one for another could really damage your weight loss efforts or provide you with a lack of calories for gaining muscle mass.

Advantages Of Protein Bars

Protein bars are very convenient for those of you that have a busy lifestyle and they make a much more nutritious snack compared to some fast food meals or junk foods. They are easy to pack away and are often low in sodium while being fortified with essential vitamins/minerals for optimum health, not to mention the high amount of fibre it contains which will help with digestion and satiety.

Disadvantages Of Protein Bars

Depending on the type of protein bar you get some lower calorie bars may just not taste as good as others because the lower calorie ones often contain less sugar and fat to make it healthier. Although there are many great reviews on of low calorie protein bars that taste great even with the reduced fat/sugars like the ones recommended above. Another disadvantage of protein bars is that it can become very addicting if you find the one you like and you might end up eating too many leaving no space for actual nutritious wholefoods, so please remember to only eat 1-2 (no more than 2) a day.

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To conclude protein bars are a quick/convenient way to hold you over till your next meal and a much healthier option compared to any snack you can pick up at the local convenience store or fast food restaurant. Lastly, If you have anymore questions about protein bars or weight loss in general then feel free to leave a comment about it down below.

6 thoughts on “Are Protein Bars Good For Weight Loss ? – The Advantages And Disadvantages

  1. Just yesterday, I was buying groceries and I found myself in the aisle with the protein bars. As usual, I just felt dazed and confused because I had no way of knowing which protein bars would be best for what I want to do, which is to lose fat. Looking at the caloric content was never something I would have considered, so I already learned something new.

    I appreciate the info, Andrew.

  2. Good information ! I eat a lot of protein bars and I always have to look at the ingredients to make sure I am not getting too many calories. I really like the quest bars because they have a lot of fiber and a lot of protein and not that many carbs. I also use a lot because they do have very good prices and with the prime membership I get my stuff pretty quick. What do you think about the new clean protein bars from muscle tech ?

    1. Unfortunately I haven’t tried the new clean protein bars from muscle tech, but when I do I’ll wirte up a review on them !

  3. I found this super informative, I know that some people find it hard to lose weight and its not because they’re not working out hard enough or because they aren’t making healthy choices, but because they aren’t eating enough and I love that you’ve addressed this here. I also love that you’ve placed a picture of Quest bars because they’re actually some of the best protein bars on the market, they’re low in fat/sugar and contain quite a bit of protein. Which is great to have within that first hour after training. Great advice Andrew ! 🙂

    1. Quest bars are definitely one of the best on the market and they probably taste the best aswell 🙂

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