Are Lentils Good For You ? – The Superfood That Speeds Up Muscle Growth And Fat Loss

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Lentils have become a staple in my diet because they are one of the best foods to eat for both weight loss and muscle growth. Extremely tasty and low in calories with a high nutrition profile that is perfect for anyone looking to live a healthier lifestyle.

100 grams (cooked) = 0.4g Fat  20g Carbs  8g Fibre  9g Protein / 116 Calories


Below Are The 4 Health Benefits You Will Reap When You Eat Lentils:

Improves Your Heart Health

Eating high fibre foods such as lentils reduces your risk of heart disease. Lentils contain a great amount of folate and magnesium. Folate lowers your homocysteine levels and when that is too high it is a serious risk factor for heart disease, magnesium improves your blood flow and having low levels of magnesium directly associates with a higher chance of heart disease. In addition, lentils help reduce blood cholesterol and having lower levels of cholesterol is known to reduce your risk of heart disease/stroke by keeping your arteries clear.

High Fibre Content

Lentils are one of the highest fibre foods which means that it takes your body a much longer time to break it down making you feel fuller for longer, so you will be less inclined to overeating and having a urge to snack. Furthermore, insoluble dietary fibre can help prevent constipation and other digestive disorders: Click Here To Find Out How Much Fibre You Exactly Need Everyday

High Protein Content

Out of all the legumes (the fruit or seed of such a plant) and nuts lentils contain one of the highest amounts of protein. This makes them one of the best sources of protein for vegetarians and vegans. One problem with plant based protein is that they are incomplete. They don’t provide all of the 20 essential amino acid proteins required by your body. So in order to complete the protein you will need to eat other plant based proteins including beans and white/brown rice with your lentils. Additionally, high protein diets have been proven to be one of the best when it comes to reducing body fat while maintaining and building lean muscle mass.

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Increases Your Energy

Lentils contain a high amount of iron, which is responsible for transporting oxygen throughout your body and without iron there will not be enough energy produced. Having a higher amount of energy will benefit your daily routine because it allows you to be more productive at whatever you do for longer.

raw lentils

If you have anymore questions about lentils or if you want to leave your own opinion on them then leave a comment below.

8 thoughts on “Are Lentils Good For You ? – The Superfood That Speeds Up Muscle Growth And Fat Loss

  1. I love lentils! I didn’t know you needed to eat beans or rice with them. What about quinoa? Can you eat that with lentils for complete protein?

  2. Wow I never heard of Lentils before. It seems though that it is very healthy and I’m trying to get back on that healthy train. I’m in the military so its a constant headache trying to stay in shape. I’m always open to new foods and this looks like one I have to try. By the way, how do these things taste?

    1. Thanks for your service Jamie, these lentil things taste great they are just like other legumes, but since they are smaller and flatter they are more tender than say a kidney bean.

  3. Interesting to hear about lentils. It is high in protein and fiber. It improves heart health and gives you more energy. This is good information. Too bad I can’t eat them. Unfortunately, my body don’t seem to like them so much. I will just continue with my diet containing coconut. Did you know that coconut has more fiber than lentils and are maybe the highest source of fiber in the world?
    That’s good news for me who can’t eat lentils.


    1. Haha coconuts do contain a good amount of fibre, but 100 grams of raw lentils contains 31g of fibre and coconuts only have a mere amount of 9g of fibre per 100 grams. Furthermore, coconuts contain a whole 32 grams more of fat compared to lentils in 100 grams. So I believe that lentils are much better than coconuts for your diet.

  4. Great article on Lentils. They are nice in soup, other than that I don’t ever know what to do with them. What kind of meals would you cook lentils into? This would be a good addition to my diet as I am trying to stay gluten and dairy free, which is tricky at times.

    Awesome post. Keep up the good work.


    1. I normally cook lentils and brown rice together in a rice cooker and eat them with a source of protein and some vegetables.

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